Teen Terror Arrests – October 2016


Sydney, Australia. Further teenagers arrested in relation to planning acts of terror and allegiance to Islamic State. Two sixteen year olds were arrested carrying large “army style” knives, heading towards the “Bankstown Musalla” prayer hall in Adnum Lane off Featherstone Street. 



One family member, whilst leaving the police station, was asked what the knives were for, answered that the boys were “going fishing”.


One of the teens had previous police contact in relation to not standing during the National Anthem at school September 2014.(7News)


The terror arrests echo back to another two men who had planned a terror attack in February 2015, here (tangentcode).

Police believe the teenagers attended the 15th September 2012, Hyde Park Riots (video)+(video) and held a sign saying: “Behead all those who insult the prophet.”  The two teens remain in custody as police investigate the possibility that other teens at East Hills Boys High have also been radicalised. 



Update – 13th October 2016

More : 2015 – 

Muslim children walk out when national anthem is sung

Supermax prison further radicalising inmates


The face of Australian terrorism has changed dramatically in the past two years. The perpetrators are young, they are radicalised quickly and in New South Wales almost all of them are locked up in Australia’s toughest prison, the Supermax

Further readingDemographics of Jihad – 2007



Economic and Social Inclusion to Prevent Violent Extremism – World Bank Report


The World Bank MENA Economic Monitor  from the Chief Economist’s Office of the Middle East and North African Region report,  “Economic and Social Inclusion to Prevent Violent Extremism” (pdf).

The report  splits up by region and in one aspect, points out what has become apparent that the Daesh and Foreign Fighters come from a educated and wealthy sector of a society. This was particularly of note with the Dhaka attack where five young man from stable and well supported and financially stable backgrounds perpetrated a terror attack. It is also noticeable from the ‘teen terror arrests’ that these radicalised young men come from comfortable backgrounds. (Operation Rising)


foreign recruits from the Middle East, North Africa and South and East Asia are significantly more educated than what is typical in their region


Two slides of interest shown below show the ‘average age’ of Daesh and Foreign Fighters and the ‘Schooling attained”. The report makes shows how macroeconomics and oil prices in the different regions have crashed in commodity prices, pushing economies into deep recession.

The Syrian war has ravaged the economy, output has shrunk between 50 to 60 percent, the Syrian Pound has lost 80 percent of value, the population has fallen by 23 percent, 12.4 million are displaced internally (7.6 million) and externally (4.8 million) since the start of the conflict, and education is on hold for many of the children living inside and outside of the country.”

The 18-month civil war in Yemen has resulted in 10,000 civilians killed, 2.8 million people displaced and most Yemenis suffering from shortages of food, water, sanitation and healthcare

Egypt below


The outlook for each of the regions is projected.

as projected oil prices trend upwards and production rises, growth is expected to pick up in the medium term. Tight fiscal policy will hold back government expenditure growth while simultane- ously developing new revenue sources, thereby reversing the fiscal deficit

Further Reading  

Combating Terrorism Center


Perspectives on Terrorism

Understanding the Daesh Economy (pdf)


AlShabaab Kenyan Rifles PoW – Leonard Maingi Kiiyo Speaks


Leonard Maingi Kiiyo was captured in January 2016 and is seen in this Al-Kataib-Al Shabaab video pleading for his life. Leonard is a doctor in the nursing section of the 9th Battalion Kenyan Rifles based in Moi Barracks. The attack on 15th January 2016 in El-Adde (wiki) resulted in a number of others being taken hostage as explained through the subtitled dialogue.

In the video Leonard addresses Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, the commander in Chief of the Kenyan Army, as the director of the ill fated AMISOM manoeuvre crossing the Somalian border, asking for his help directly.

This is the largest defeat against the KDF since its independence in 1963.

video below

further to the above video is another such production (released Sept 30 below) with David Ngugi Wataari



note the subtitles are enlarged for your convenience




FSA torture Alawite man into unconsciousness

Video released showing a detail of FSA soldiers beating a Syrian Alawite conscript unconscious. The video is choreographed in such a way to not show the faces of the FSA thugs, but in their fervour a few frames allow these vermin to be seen.

Videos like this are not entirely uncommon however this one comes at a time when UK dandies jig about in the UN calling out Russia and Syria for acts of “barbarism” (BBCwhen the UK fund (over£2 billion) groups, either directly or indirectly, such as the ones seen beheading a teenager (tangentcode), and now beating a defenceless individual into unconsciousness. 


Wilayat Bengal – Boko Haram – September 2016



Fourteen minute video under the banner Wilayat Bengal, And The Disbelievers Planned, But God Planned. And God Is The Best Of Planners ” (Qur’anic verse 3:54) from 23 September 2016 set around the July Dhaka Cafe Attack (wiki). This is not the first time Daesh elements have popped their head up in this region. Four men were arrested in January 2016, after making video media aligning themselves with Daesh. (tangentcode).


The Bengal production could be seen as a gasp for breath as Daesh suffer geographically across Iraq and Syria. One point to remember regarding the Dhaka attack is that the young men were not from impoverished or disrupted back grounds, rather from comfortable middle class families, which provide a nursery for Daesh ideology planted by an extremists elements often disenchanted with their own misunderstandings and spiritual vacuums.  

In related news six top Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (wiki) activists arrested (here), “planning subversive activities in some South Indian states.”

A similar event of push media has also occurred with the reappearance of Boko Haram’s Abubakar Shekau, thought to have been killed, showing up in video media. (Reuters) in a low quality YouTube video. Below is Abubakar Shekau from the Wing Commander Hedima “Nigerian Pilot Beheading” video (tangentcode) February 2015.


And as seen in the September 2016 YouTube video (below) 


Further to this images appear of Nigerian Army attack and Looting .





Turkish Backed Rebels Leaked Video – September 2016

Leaked video showing either Sham Legion or Nour al-Din al-Zenki making a video with a cell phone ‘roughing’ up a teenager in what may be a forced confession prior to execution.


The subtitles in the video below are generated by YouTube “auto-translator” which is not 100% accurate, it does offer a foundation for ideas of what the dialogue contains. (archive.org)

video below




Malaysian Terror Arrests – September 2016

Video below is an interview with Elina Noor from the Malaysian Institute of Strategic and International Studies with ABC.


The secondary event which is also notable is the 30 tons (1500 bags) of Ammonium Nitrate which was intercepted off the coast of Bali. (here ABC)

South Sulawesi was the intended destination of the chemical. Indonesian Police have six suspects who have been detained.



So Take Warning – Wilāyat Halab


Nearly seven minute video ‘So Take Warning” which refers to Qur’anic verse 59:2. The video runs through the actions of coalition forces attempts to disrupt and destroy Islamic State from within. The execution takes place after a confession, the alleged spie is tied to a light pole, a machine gun pointed at him. The shooting once complete is not the end as the murdered man is then beheaded, blood dark and syrup like.


It is He who expelled the ones who disbelieved among the People of the Scripture from their homes at the first gathering. You did not think they would leave, and they thought that their fortresses would protect them from God; but [the decree of] God came upon them from where they had not expected, and He cast terror into their hearts [so] they destroyed their houses by their [own] hands and the hands of the believers. So take warning, Oh people of vision.”

video below



Ninawa Execution with Cub first kill

Fifteen minute execution of spies video, (below) from Wilayat Ninawa. The executions take two distinct formats with close up beheaded nerve spasms, rolling eyes and the guided child execution. This video is similar to “So Take Warning” which is a reference to Qur’anic verse 59:2 (tangentcode)


The men in the video are alleged to be part of a group who are gathering support from outside Mosul. A FaceBook page is shown which includes a video of in front of an Iraqi flag. With a projector playing executions the men name themselves and describe their charges.



The full terror of the men’s murder is reinforced with the child who can barely reach the trigger of the automatic pistol it carries. This does n’t seem to be an obstacle as the child holds the pistol, the trigger actioned by an adult fighter. This type of child extortion or terror has been used by Nazi’s in WW2, children would often report their own parents if they overheard anti-Government small talk and again the same concept is seen in Orwell’s 1984. The institutional genocide embedded in the child lays waste to any ideas of normality in the future and does more to destroy a future society than can be rationally expected after decades of war. 


video below

Daesh Battle video- al-Mareer Village, South of al-Qayyarah


Battle video showing an assault on a village Nineveh Governorate, Iraq. The devil in the detail points out a silencer of an AK and a pair of handcuffs ready for use on one fighters webbing.



video below

Added – Wa’il Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad Dusted (here)



Somalia – Pledge and Threat



Seventeen and a half minute Furat video released 16 September 2016 with Somalian Mujahideen out on picnic/prayer session with multi-lingual threat fest. The video is quirky with its rough editing and layers of ‘smudge censor’ in an effort to conceal the groups identities. This seems a waste of time as through the video there are moments when the faces can be made out from under the polyester veils.


Through the dialogue words and the names of capitals cities can be made out, the “get ready brother” and the “if you cannot follow you must have an excuse’ narrative is repeated. The video ends with a camel being slaughtered and skinned.

video below

Making of Illusion – process killing


“The Making of Illusionis another one of the few Islamic State videos that will leave an impression unlike any other. The twelve and a half minute “Wilayat al-Khayr” video is much like previous videos such as “Inspired by Satan” in which the individuals murdered have some suspicion cast on them by their use of the internet. Scenes from other videos make a montage of elements, inserts from Paris and Obama round out the usual Daesh storyboard. The deliberately disturbing abattoir scene catches all the animal gratuity of slaughter, the hyper, silent processing of the victims adds a disturbing soundtrack.



video below

The Glory of Jihād – Wilāyat al-Barakah


The Glory of Jihād – Wilāyat al-Barakah” released at almost the same time as “Rumiyah” (tangentcode) is a battle front production interspersed with historical comparisons with the basic premise that death is Glory. video below

The video contains some interesting details, we see the motorbike riding, finger pointing ranter from a previous release “Raiding the Villages to Spread Guidance (tangentcode). (Which may be inviting a hellfire missile his way)


The quirky images continue through the video as we see a falcon chick sitting quiet comfortably on the shoulder of a fighter as he fires an automatic weapon.


The next is the GoPro adorned, one armed shooter, which may signal the fact that if you can hold a rifle and pull a trigger, you can fight.


The video shows the over running and suicide truck bombing of an electrical station, the defiling of dead bodies, which has become a back and forth insult between the ground fighters, a weapons haul and the arrival back at their outpost followed by an impromptu prayer session. The intent behind this release should not be lost in the recent week as events tear like shrapnel through the media, such as France, (here) and the “car attack”, the Belgian “chainsaw attack”  (here) and further terror arrests in UK, (here).

The instalments of terror continue and  are now entrenched in the psyche of the disaffected and lost individuals looking for some meaning to their existence as it is all too common for a man’s worth to be gauged by the mobile phone he carries. The coincidence of September 11th and Eid al-Adha (here) is something the Daesh fear factory tried to seize upon with their inflammatory rhetoric calling for mayhem across the world. The supreme court in Saudi Arabia  announced (here –AJ) that the Muslim festival of Eid will be on Monday, September 12. 

If a new moon was sighted on September 1, then the first day of Eid al-Adha would have been on  September 11 . But since the moon was not visible, the festival will be celebrated on Monday, September 12.”


The coalition continue to battle against the bandit forces (here) who do not employ a conventional battle strategy.


The opportunity, surprise, loot, then run tactic is hard to win against with air power and long range artillery alone. This is shown in the video as the insurgents wave at the planes as they fire upon areas redundant in battle. The fight and the fighters have long past evacuated, disappearing back into the surrounds, as coalition forces pour millions into ordinance, landscaping the region, like shifting wheel barrows of sand on a beach, it is still the same beach.


UPDATE – Sydney Terror Arrest – Minto (here) 9-Sept 2016

A man has been charged with committing a terrorist attack and attempted murder after a stabbing left a man in a critical condition in Sydney’s south-west.





Rumiyah – Australian Threat



Rumiyah (Rome) first publication (36°21′N 43°9′E) has caused a stir with its four page rant urging “lone wolf” attacks in Australia.


The response from the Victorian Chief Police Commissioner was cool and firm.

This type of reaction through publications is not a new event. This comes with the news of Sevdet Besim being sent down for 10 years (here) after planning a terror attack in April 2015 (OpRising). The other element is the dusting of Ezzit Raad in Manbij in August. (here) As Daesh forfeit geography on the battleground Rumiyah can be seen as a gasp for doctrine action.

Ezzit Raad

Ezzit Raad was arrested as a result of Operation Pendennis in 2008 and slipped through border control making it to Syria. He had also appeared in Daesh videos along with the now dusted Reyaad Khan from Wales in 2014.


Video released as a tribute.”They envied the boy did not get as quest

The publication itself is a copy of other such zines released in early September.


Some of the images used with the intent to deliberately evoke outrage such as the targeting of the elderly and innocents.


Martydom of the Mujahid Shaykh





The second last paragraph of page 17 (above), is what all the upset is about…Therefore, O lions of the Umma, and those living in Australia..

 Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews played directly into the agitation by appearing at a press conference with a wild stare, which does nothing but achieve the goal set about by the publication. Leave it to professional Mr Andrews.


Australian Prime Minister appeared live from Vientiane, Laos to settle things down and reassure citizens in regard to matters of national security.

The Threat Level remains at “Probable”


ISIS European Terror Travel Network

Terror Route

Documents obtained by CNN show how ISIS have an organised network which enables jihadists to travel to Europe. The report centres around men who had been arrested and stopped from perpetrating more attacks in France. 



via CNN

The documents show:
  • a fuller portrait of the suspected terrorists’ extensive use of social media platforms such as Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp, many encrypted for secure communication. One app let them pick their own phone number, allowing them to disguise who was calling them and from where.
  • how ISIS handlers protect their missions by: giving operatives only as much information and money as they need to reach the next phase; contacting them on each leg of their journey; and insisting on pseudonyms, even within teams.
  • how the suspected terrorists constantly exchanged logistical advice with others in their network, including whether or not to use real names at border crossings and how to sneak across those borders illegally. One tip was to hide in train restrooms.

Abid Tabaouni

Abid Tabaouni

Encrypted messaging groups have the potential to revolutionize terror plot planning by allowing entire cells to coordinate in real time without compromising themselves,


Rats in Paradise – Hamdi AlQudsi sent down

ABC Report in regard to Hamdi Al Quudsi who has been sentenced to six years jail for aiding men to travel to Syria to fight as foreign insurgents. (here)

“Alqudsi made arrangements for the men to travel to the war-torn country between June and October 2013, so they could fight alongside militant groups such as the Al-Nusra front (Jabaht al-Nusra), IS and Al Qaeda affiliates.

Two of the men he assisted — Tyler Casey and Caner Temel — were killed in Syria, while two other men — Muhammed Abdul-Karim Musleh (also known as Abu Hassan) and Mehmet Biber — have since returned.

Amin Mohamed never left Australia and in the Victorian Supreme Court last year, the Melbourne man was found guilty of three charges relating to plans to travel to Syria to fight against the government of Bashar al-Assad.” – ( Raveen Hunjan and Sue Daniel-ABC)


Canadian hostage in Afghanistan – video

Joshua Boyle and his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, who were taken hostage in 2012 near Wardak province, a mountainous region just 40 kilometres from Kabul, and have appeared in a two and half minute video, making a plea for their captors not to be executed in reprisal attacks.

our captors are terrified of the thought of their own mortality approaching, and are saying that they will take reprisals on our familyThey will execute us, women and children included, if the policies of the Afghan government are not overturned, either by the Afghan government or by Canada, somehow, or the United States.”


Further reading on this situation (June 2014)

The Crumbling Nations

Crumbling Nations

A (nearly) nine minute video released through sendvid from Wilāyat al-Raqqah, August 26th, called “The Crumbling Nations” has spiked the interest of a number of groups as it shows the child executioners of Raqqa. This is by no means a new phenomenon and has been well documented over the last two years. Children play an important part in Daesh propaganda and continue to do so. In this video the boys have been labelled, as  Abdullah al-Britani  (the Briton), al-Masri (the Egyptian), al-Tunisi (the Tunisian), al-Kurdi (the Kurd) and al-Uzbaki (the Uzbek). (The yelling or shrieking is ear splitting and has been adjusted in this video)

To the atheist Kurds, what is between me and you are days during which the hair of young children turns grey. The war with you has yet to begin. Neither America, France, Britain, nor Germany will benefit you,”

Update 30 August – al-Britani Child identified by father (here)

Video has appeared back in November 2015 showing the children in school.(tangent code)


The video contains three executions one performed by the ubiquitous camo wearing Mujahideen, then the children and finally the bearded old men squad of four. (It is interesting to note that ammo is used sparingly.)



Interspersed in between the blood fest are images of coalition bombing aftermaths and Obama rants, which follow the formula of Daesh videos from the media production arm.

IS-English speaking schools






French Backpacker stab frenzy attack – Australia

A 29 year old French National backpacker has gone on a wild stabbing frenzy which killed one young woman and has left another injured and fighting for life.



video news report

Update – attacker identified as Smail Ayad, 29. (ABC) (DailyMail) and finally (Jihad Watch)

Smail Ayad-Au-2016

Smail Ayad-2



Life inside the Caliphate – Kirkuk August 2016


Video released from Kirkuk showing life “inside the Caliphate”. The video breaks down into three parts showing a battle scene and weapons looting and the dragging of dead bodies around, the paying of funds and the dispersement of staples such as cooking oils to foreign fighters and finally a session of goat herding.


The video is peppered with long monotonous dialogues spoken aloud by men who look like they need a good nights sleep. The video shows how the flag waving, finger pointing, Quran quotes are just a thin veil over what the Caliphate’s main preoccupation really is, making money….and goats.


South of Manbij – VBIED

Video released through Amaq showing the detonation of VBIED in the village of Maqta Hajar Saghir, south of Manbij directed at YPG fighters. By counting the seconds between the visible explosion and the when the blast sound is heard, the distance from the explosion (where camera is) can be calculated at about 2.1 kilometres. Sound travels at 344 metres per second or 1129 ft/ sec.

Mosul – Qayyarah – Tuzhurmatu – August 2016

Three short clips from Amaq.

1. Electricity Warehouse after a bombing raid, 



 2. Martyrdom mission in Hawasem Village SW of Qayyarah District

Hawasem Village-SW Qayyarah District

3. An attack on Peshmerga in Tuzhurmatu


 Qayyarah is of strategic importance with its airport (wiki) formerly known as “Saddam Airport”.

Qaayyarah Airport


Mosul Hospital – August 2016

Video released through Amaq showing Mosul hospital. The video is as short as its intended message and basically shows a basic pharmacy, dialysis patients and a few Atom Incubators.


The lack of goons standing around with guns does n’t mean they are not  there, just out of shot for this video. Of course, trying to verify this video being made in Mosul in August 2016 is something of a magic trick, the video could have been made anytime in the recent past. It may be more pertinent that Amaq have either just received this video or it is ‘stop gap content’ as other field contacts have been neutralised or disrupted.

Cantlie in Mosul 2015 (tangentcode)

The state of the Euphrates : Vsikveckhm God

Eighteen minute video released through Al Furat titled “The state of the Euphrates:Vsikveckdhm God” (word of God). The title also appears in other uploads as “And Allah will be sufficient for you against them


In the video there are some surprises that may lead one to think there is an insider within the coalition forces. In one segment a Free Syrian Army officer is shown being video dialogue coached and told how to present body language while speaking.


Next, the failed attempt to seize Abu Kamal, after air support failed to attack the checkpoints, because the beacons on the ground were not activating, (i.e, men on the ground using cell phones to send GPS co-ordinnates to coalition command), the confusion is evident from the recorded messages between the commanders. The soldiers that were left behind, are later shown beheaded, followed by the ubiquitous weapons haul shots.  In one of the many boxes seized are new “Phantom Hobby Drones” shown with Go Pro gimbal and other range extending components attached. Ammunition boxes full of plastic explosives, anti-tank guns and electrical components, computers, radios, all which will make for revenue raising or trade. The complete video is subtitled in English as it is directed to primarily to an American forces audience.

cAPtured Drones

In another segment, the recorded messages between commanders are shown with reference to Daesh commanders escaping battle dressed as women. Interesting, a video appears showing Daesh dressed as women. (here)



Coalition - trainer

Coalition Trainer

Coalition Daesh






European Terror Time Line – Nov 2015 – July 2016

Europe – Terror Time Line 

Nov 13, 2015 – Paris

A series of explosions, the Bataclan shooting leave 130 dead, hundreds injured



Bataclan - 1222

November 18, 2015

Belgian extremist Abdelhamid Abaaoud – alleged mastermind of Nov, 15th attack.

Dusted in police attack in Paris suburb Saint-Denis


November 20 – suspect charged

November 21 – Brussels is on Lockdown

November 22 – Multiple arrests in Molenbeek, three raids in Charleroi, 16 people arrested.

November 23 – an explosive device found in rubble in Chatillon – Montrouge, south of Paris.

16 yr old is arrested and charged with terror related offences.

November 25 – France approves ongoing airstrikes in Syria

November 26 – Brussels terror threat lowered

December 3 – two more arrests two more suspects arrested – Samir Z -detained at Brussels airport, the second Pierre N arrested.

December 20 – Saleh Abdeslam fingerprint detected during raid on apartment in Schaerbeek believed to be a bomb making factory.

December 24 – Belgian arrests ninth suspect linked to Paris attack

December 31 – 10th suspect arrested


January 13th 2016

Belgian authorities identify three suspect houses



January 15th – Further Raids uncover ammunition. Mohamed Belkaid is killed by police.


March 22 – Zaventem airport attack and metro attack


ISIS-Brussels Cell

July 14 – Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhel crashes a 19 tonne truck into crowds on Promenade des Anglais, killing 84, injuring more than 300.

driver is shot and killed by police.

Nice - Mohamed

July 18 – German Train attack (wiki)

German Train Attack

July 22 – Munich McDonalds shooting – 9 dead.




July 26 – Ansbach, Syrian man who blew himself up in Ansbach

MohammadDaleel - Ansbach

Ansbach Killer Pledges allegiance to Daesh…

Ansbach Bomber


July 26 – 84-year-old Father Jacques Hamel, the Archbishop of Rouen, throat cut in Rouen Church, Normandy. Both attackers dusted. One of the attackers was under house arrest and wearing an electronic ankle tracking device.

Father Jacques Hamel

The killers.. Abdel Malik P. and Adel Kermich.


Below is an ABC Report from 28th July 2016


Your Silence is Killing You & Their Allegiance and Our Terrorism


Two videos both in French, one from Ninawa,”Their Alliance and Our Terrorism


and the secondYour Silence Kills Youfrom Wilayah Al-Furat. This video refers to “Kill them Where ever You Find Them“. (tangentcode)


Both videos use the same images of the Nice attack, and the German train event, one has an execution and the other has a knife pointing rant. The basic premise here is that the coalition bombing resulting in civilian deaths is balanced by the revenge attacks.


Child Beheading July 2016

Abdullah Issa

Just when you think beheading videos had reached the limit of hell on earth, a child beheading video appears which adds one more tier of human evil.

The video starts with a group of men standing around a tray truck with a teenager in amongst them. The teen, who has been named via Social Media as Abdullah Issa, seems disorientated and drowsy. One of the men lightly slaps his face, in an attempt to keep the teen from fainting. This may also have something to do with the intravenous drip which is seen in the teens arm, a bag can also be seen bandaged around his waist. The men from Turkish-backed ‘Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement’, claimed the teen was a fighter from Liwa al-Quds (aka The Jerusalem Brigade), a Palestinian pro – Government militia operations in the Aleppo area, who was captured, or more likely “dragged out of a hospital bed”, in Handarat by members of a local rebel group. Liwaa Al Quds have been driven out of their homes in the Handarat Camp once Islamist militants took over the neighborhood. Today, the group is fighting alongside the Syrian Army to retake the Camp

The video appeared after violent clashes between pro-government forces and rebels in the vicinity of Handarat on Tuesday, 18 July 2016.


Nice Attack – Asawirti Media


Video released through Asawirti Media in regard to the Nice attack (tangentcode) which is a composite of news clips in a story board of familiar hospital wards, and exploded people, transitioning to the truck driving attack on innocent people, again through patching together news clips and animations, snappy intro and spoken dialogue audio, the message is still the same.

video below


Gates of Fustat

The sixteen minute video has some interesting details, one of them being the fact that this particular video has been labelled and released through other Daesh outlets. The still images from the video appear (here), The image below shows the “Hims” label…whilst on the video itself the label is clearly from another media prong. This could be partially due to restrictive internet upload facilities, or that any successful Daesh battle videos are divided up amongst media outlets to give an impression that more is indeed happening, when it is not.

Relabbled- DeashPics

The next element of this video is the way in which Daesh have taken video from the opposition and posted it in the battle scenes.


There is a beheading of one of the unfortunate soldiers who was too injured to escape…


There is also an interesting image of a dead foreign fighter.







Turkey – Coup d’état – July 2016


Turkey has yet again convulsed through yet another coup attempt with nearly 170 people dead and over eleven hundred injured. This time the alleged agitator is Fethullah Gulen, who resides in America.

Fethullah Gulen

The scenes in the video below show tanks running people over and helicopters firing on unarmed civilians. The situation is now contained as some three thousand ‘soldiers’ have now either surrendered or capitulated in custody. A Stalin purge will ripple through the Turkish military and ruling elite, as diplomatic machination begin for a helicopter crew who landed in Greece and who now seek asylum. (here) Could there be more instability in Turkey?

For more information a listing of previous coups in Turkey (wiki) and the 2013 NYT article (here).

video : tanks and helicopters attack citizens

video : President  Binali Yildirim Press Conference (condensed)


VIED – drone vision of attack

The video below is the last segment in a video entitled, “Deterrence of the Monotheists of the Campaigns of the Apostates – Wilāyat Dijlah” which is a collection of Daesh battle videos ending with a vehicle driving up to a check point and exploding.

The event is recorded by a drone camera which sits at the upper most of its altitude range and slowly pitches away from the growing mushroom cloud to the video end.

video below


Bastille Day Lone Wolf

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove a truck along the Promenade Des Anglais killing over eighty people. The Promenade was filled with people from the hotels walking in the evening. The truck was only stopped by killing the driver.The nature of the attack may be unexpected, but there were clear signals that something was percolating through the internet upload sites. The older Daesh videos were being revised and edited, translated and subtitled in French.


With the new territory of Telegram and other encrypted instant messaging applications, unlisted videos (only people with link can view) can be passed around through groups or cells, the probability that one of the cell members takes action is increased when this type of indoctrination is used on vulnerable individuals with unstable mental states. Expect media to report Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhel’s story to be one of social isolation and undiagnosed mental health issues… (here) The reality of the extreme action will be covered over, the root cause again mislabeled and forgotten until it happens again.

video below

“loner with a George Clooney haircut”

Nice - Mohamed

Cantlie guide to exploded Mosul


John Cantle reappears on the internet through Amaq media reporting on the coalition bombing of Mosul and the money exchange in Raqqah. Aside from the obvious changes to Cantlie, and the missing orange prisoner garb, the dialogue revolves around the efforts of the Coalition forces to disrupt the Islamic State. With the same dramatic pathos of raising his arms summoning a drone attack in earlier releases (tangentcode), Cantlie takes the viewer on a guided tour of  the bombing sites refering in the video to the April 2016 bombing of Mosul University which was targeted as part of action against a bomb making factory and the administrative controllers.


The bombing of the money changing offices in Raqqa was not just an indiscriminate bombing of a shopping centre, as Cantle describes it, the money exchange and forwarding services play a vital part in the day to day operations of Daesh, who are all about the money.


The site which Cantle stands in front of, drone camera buzzing, is the same site Daesh have used for public executions and other war crimes.


The reality of life in Raqqa can be seen in the last frames of the video, the drone turns and the viewer can see the armed, masked thugs who stands guard as Cantlie records. (The same armed thug that guard the executions and make the people attend.) 




Allah’s Soliders – Undercover

The video “Allah’s Soldiers” originally released through  French media (here) now with English translations and voice over added. The storyboard of the undercover journalist infiltrating an online radical group is something of a formula in modern media with some standard drone pad shots and custom graphic titles the production conveys an important message throughout. The young men that are “radicalising” are lost in a on-line world of instant messages and battle videos. 

One of the main lessons was that I never saw any Islam in this affair. No will to improve the world. Only lost, frustrated, suicidal, easily manipulated youths.”

video below


And Cast Terror Into Their Hearts – Daesh

Wilāyat al-Raqqah media release with some nice collage intro transitions, some quaint drone street scape followed by the dialogue pieces from the masked and finger pointing pontificators.


Even without understanding a word of what is being said the message of this video is…”leave us alone, or  expect more lone wolf attacks”…something like that.

The video ends in a senseless murder performed by Daesh chief executioner Hicham Chaib, aka Abu Haniefa.


Daesh were handed the resounding tactical loss of Palmyra and the timing of this release could be seen as a reflex reaction.


Abū Sayyāf in Sulu – Pledge of Allegiance


Video released 21st March 2016 through Furat media titled; (see below)

“Pledge of Allegiance From Katībat Jund al-Tawḥīd of Jamā’at Abū Sayyāf in Sulu, Philippines to the Caliph of the Muslims Ibrāhīm Bin ‘Awād al-Ḥussaynī al-Qurayshī”

In the seven minute video a dialogue is presented by a script reading militant who stands surrounded by a dozen, perhaps more, black clad individuals doing their best poker face stare. 


Daesh t-shirts, flags and even embroidery patches can be seen adorning the collective as they pledge allegiance to Daesh.

Sulu is part of an archipelago in the Philippines (wiki) and has a long history of trade. In 1898 the Spanish – American war took place which led to the 1898 Treaty of Paris and the American occupation of the region which ended in 1946 with Philippine Independence.

Sulu Prov

No celebratory gun fire as ammunition is expensive.



Philippines – flags and Bay’ah


Video titled Bay’ah to the Caliph of the Muslims Abū Bakr al-Baghdādī”, (an oath of allegiance to a leader). The stumbling production starts with a group armed men walking through a jungle some holding flags, others holding the Quran. A dialogue follows where three of the men are introduced. One then takes a piece of paper from his pocket, unfolds it and reads out some dictate, badly. The video ends with an “all for one and one for all” type validation which is more at home with a football team. 

Not to be underestimated in their understanding of violence and the willingness to perpetrate it,  this video serves to prove the fact that on the ground, the thinking man is not present.


Update 12 Feb 2016






Carrying out the Hadd

Two videos showing the carrying out of the Hadd. People who have committed theft, adultery and apostasy, have a part of their body ‘cut off ‘, either a hand or a foot as punishment. The process is controlled and kept surprisingly sterile. Sentries guard an area where the punishments are to take place, as preoperative sterile technique unfolds ready to bandage the foot or hand post amputation. Some of the men are then bundled into an ambulance and presumably taken away for further surgical attention.

(read more).


This second video has subtitles in English,..



Death by RPG, Drowning and Detonating cord

This video was originally released 23rd June 2015 and shows the murder of alleged ‘spies’ from the Iraqi Government inside Mosul at the hands of ISIS.

The first execution depicts four men being placed into a stationary vehicle which is then fired upon with RPG. The second shows an elaborate cage holding five men who are lowered into a body of water. Cameras strategically mounted on the cage captures the grotesque struggle as the men succumb to the effects of drowning. The cage is lifted out of the water showing the captives lifeless bodies, faces covered in internal lung fluids.

The last episode shows a number of men kneeling on the ground as their captor wraps a blue detonating cord about their necks. The ensuing explosive force is replayed in reverse as the camera pans out to show a lone captive watching as in a warning to others.

Khaled Sharrouf – legacy of a madman

This is the ABC interview from June 29th 2015 with the Australian Mother in law of Sharrouf who even in his ‘yet to be fully confirmed death‘ is still causing misery.

Speculation surrounds the death of Khaled Sharrouf, who is believed to have been a passenger in a car that was atomised in a UAV strike.


Gangsta Jihadist (here) and September 2012 seen at the Sydney riot (here).


Khaled Sharrouf’s daughter, Zaynab Sharrouf, tells of ‘normal’ life in Syria (here)






26th June 2015 – domino attacks



The 26th of June 2015 ended a week into Ramadan 2015 as attacks left 156 killed in Kobani, 50 killed in Somalia, 37 killed in Tunisia, 27 killed in Kuwait and 1 killed in France.

Europe had n’t even sat down to lunch and the first event was over in France, another was unfolding and then a third was beginning its road to perdition. 

World leaders skipped into the familiar protocol of shut downs and parabolic threat levels as gore bloggers and loose end editors remotely actioned facts over the wire.

The suicide bombing in Kuwait, the Tunisian Resort attack, both which have been acknowledged by Islamic State, but not the factory attack in France, referenced calls for action from the talking Daesh heads oozing from the well oiled and fettled social media machine.

The image below shows the Grenoble attacker, Yassin Salhi and from 2012 (here).                                                                                                                                                     








Boko Haram – West African Islamic State Validation

The ten minute video complete with dual subtitles is a rambling speech by scarf-covered-face-AK-carrying-man in front of a couple of Toyota trucks in the classic Boko Haram production.


During the dialogue identification papers are shown from the attack on a small compound and a vehicle convoy which is shown in the second half of the video.


Injured people are shot dead and one man is beheaded in the tray truck. The video concludes with a revisiting of the October 2014 Nigerian jet wreckage which was in reality the result of the Nigerian Pilots bravery. (here)

video below

Change-of-Heart Jihadists

Change of Heart Jihadists has a golden shine about it for media outlets who squeeze every drop of credibility from a story. But this time the jingo journos have come up with a “weaponised backhander“, an internet catch cry which any Islamic State Media producer with the slightest idea of  propaganda and ‘on the ground’ moral, would shudder at hearing.

Change of Heart Jihadists if correctly propelled could melt a hole through the recruitment drive and ultimately be the beginning of the end for the foreign fighter death cult.

Home sick, and bored, tired of being overly scrutinised, the guest house is like a prison, hours of prayers can all lead to a corrosion of moral. 

Of the 60 Australians currently on the ground with Islamic State groups in Iraq and Syria, it has been revealed up to a dozen want to get out. ”


Garland – “two men with explosives shot dead”


Two men shot and killed and one officer injured at a ‘Prophet Muhammad art caricatures exhibition’ in Texas.  


The two men opened fire as they drove up on the Curtis Culwell Centre where Pamela Geller in conjunction with New York based American Freedom Defence Initiative were appearing at ‘The Garland Mohammed cartoon free speech event’, the winner receiving ten thousand dollars.

Update: one of the gunmen identified.Garland-1

Elton Simpson, 30convicted in a terror investigation five years ago, but was given probation.”

 Twitter chatter between the attackers, more (here) and Pamela Geller’s statement (here)

The @_AbuHu55ain is the account linked to AbuHussainAlBritani aka Junaid Hussain aka Trick from TeamPoison, who in late 2011 (here), early 2012 performed a number of Anonymous-esque intrusions and defacements. (here) until finally reaching a tipping point and subsequently getting busted and sentenced to a small yet not insignificant jail time.(here)



UPDATE – 16 June 2015 (here)

Christians Executed – “Until there came to them – Clear evidence”


Video has been released from “Furqan Foundation for Media Production Progress” and is titled, “Until There Came To Them – Clear Evidence“. The video is some twenty-nine minutes long, an excerpt can be seen below.


The video is interspersed with Church demolition and interviews conducted with Christians from the “People of Dhimmah”, which outline the jizyah payment or tax to Islamic State. Four dinars, (18 grams) in gold or a payment in silver. 


The video ends showing the execution by firing squad of one group of men at a location Wilyat Fazzan subtitled, “The worshipers of the cross belonging to the hostile Ethiopian Church” and then another graphic mass beheading on a beach shown as Wilayah Barqa. The video is brutal, as is the dialogue from the masked narrator, describing how non-believers will not be safe, “even in your dreams“.

video excerpt below

The complete 29 minute video 

Update 21st April 2015

ISIS executes three asylum seekers deported by Israel

Message to Kazakhstan from Muhajidin

The video from KAVKAZ, March 2014 titled “Those Who Were Truthful With Allah” and is somewhat of a warning to aspiring fighters. The narrator during the video is Abu Anisah al Kazakhi (19), who as a graphics title explains, was later killed. (here)

As the dialogue progresses, accompanied with English translations, Abu warns not to,believe the media, the news and the Internetwhich claim that the Kazakhs have been killed. The group of men stand around a canon mounted truck with their best mean faces and some old AK47’s no doubt sold to them along with a watch which is right twice a day.. 

The video ends with images of four members of the “platoon” bled out and looking quiet dead.







Honor is in Jihad – Balkans

Twenty minute video, originally released in June 2014, with English subtitles accompanied by a familiar English voice over (The legacy of Prophetic Methodology), generally follows the history of the Balkans through World War One to the last generation of the twentieth century.

Threats of revenge are sprinkled through the video with narrative subtitled from the various foreign fighters. The mass re-uploading of this video may signal the fact that Daesh are struggling to keep the momentum of foreign fighters in their ranks.