IS – Recalibrate demands and Yukawa beheaded

Video appears with Kenji Goto Jogo holding a still image of Haruna Yukawa decapitated body whilst audio delivers a recalibrated demand to the world.

The demand is now the release of Iraqi Sajida al-Rishawi (44), who was imprisoned in Jordan in 2005 for her part (albeit failed) in an attempted suicide bombing as part of the 2005 Amman bomb attacks

“You give them Sajida and I will be released. At the moment it actually looks possible, and our government are indeed a stones throw away. Our government representatives are ironically in Jordan where their sister Sajida is held prisoner by the Jordanian regime. Again I would like to stress how easy it is to save my life. You bring them their sister from the Jordanian regime, and I will be released immediately, me for her.

Questions of the validity of this video have been raised, and may be rightly justified as many of the hallmark video editing ‘touches’ are missing.

However, in the past such queries have only been met with an icy ‘full metal jacket’ stare as a blade cuts open another throat.

Fake? Maybe…however I would say that something is yet to follow which will dispel that theory.

Further reading (here) and PartisanGirl‘s video (here)

video below