‘Evil is what they buy’ – Mossad Spy Executed

This video from the “Security Database” which on the most part disseminate the execution of spies. A man speaks who is later identified as Muhammad Musallam, an Israeli Arab from Jerusalem. English subtitle appear beneath him and his story unfolds. He was arrested within the group who had become wary of his activities and leaving the ‘guest house’ in February. He had travelled to Syria as an agent recruited by Mossad.  (here)


Not only is the brutality and the intent of Islamic State depicted, but they use a teenage executioner to impale the viewers sensibilities. Using teens or “young lions” to execute spies is not a new phenomenon for IS, however it never fails to cut through the fog and mist and slap you right in the face. The execution unfolds in ‘slow motion’, which has a somewhat of an exaggerating effect seized upon in the production.

The video ends with a geolocation map graphic of other alleged Israeli ‘spies’.

video below



The man seen in the video speaking French has been identified as Sabri Essid, who is the step brother of Mohammed Merah. In 2012 Merah killed seven people after targeting a Jewish school in Toulouse, southern France. (here