Peshmerga beheading – IS Reply to Bombings


The video uploaded on 19th March 2015 from Takfiri militants titled, ” Mandate of Nineveh // invisible version || defiant response to the bombing of tyrants”  starts with a scene at a hospital, patients are seen being treated and a few are even interviewed. 

The site of the explosion is shown and the resultant damage and this is where the video takes a one hundred and eighty degree turn and morphs into a beheading.

Men in orange coveralls are paraded with hands tied,  as slides appear with their details, The video narrator berates the viewer as the camera pans across the faces of the men identified as Peshmerga fighters, Rezkar Mohammad Saleh, Pishtiwan Osman Rasul, and Hisham Nabil Khorshid.


“We warned you before that for every rocket you fire on those under the care of the Islamic State, you will kill one of your prisoners with your own hands.” 


video below