Killing in America – Ongoing

April 4th 2015, South Carolina, Traffic Policeman shoots and kills and unarmed black man who was ‘jogging away’ in a feeble attempt to get away from the officer.

Why the need to shoot this man eight times when he would easily have been tripped up or hit with a taser…?

The dead man Walter Scott was stopped by traffic cop Michael Slager, for a broken tail light, hardly something anyone would believe would result in being shot eight times.

The Officer, (Michael Slager) is in custody, (possibly for his own safety) and is to be charged with murder.


Coincidently a North Augusta, South Carolina Officer Justin Craven was arrested on “felony weapons charges” arising from an incident from February, which resulted in the shooting death of Ernest Satterwhite. (here) & (here)

video below, edited to show significant details.


UPDATE – 9 October 2015 (here) Family to receive $6.5 million.