26th June 2015 – domino attacks



The 26th of June 2015 ended a week into Ramadan 2015 as attacks left 156 killed in Kobani, 50 killed in Somalia, 37 killed in Tunisia, 27 killed in Kuwait and 1 killed in France.

Europe had n’t even sat down to lunch and the first event was over in France, another was unfolding and then a third was beginning its road to perdition. 

World leaders skipped into the familiar protocol of shut downs and parabolic threat levels as gore bloggers and loose end editors remotely actioned facts over the wire.

The suicide bombing in Kuwait, the Tunisian Resort attack, both which have been acknowledged by Islamic State, but not the factory attack in France, referenced calls for action from the talking Daesh heads oozing from the well oiled and fettled social media machine.

The image below shows the Grenoble attacker, Yassin Salhi and from 2012 (here).