Peshmerga Executions



This video from Erbil, Kurdistan Region, depicts the murder of seven Peshmerga. The knife pointing rant and the full metal jacket stares are all choreographed into a macabre production. The gratuitous violence of the executions is not contained as other productions releases, in fact quiet the opposite becomes apparent. This video is harsh in its delivery in an effort to shake the repetitive execution production and slap the viewers sensibilities into sharp focus.

ISIS suffered heavy losses at the end of September 2015 after Peshmerga launched a major offensive west of Kirkuk which led to approximately forty ISIS militants being dusted. Some of the Peshmerga executed in this video may also have been captured in January 2015, (February 2015 here & here) which at the time included the beheading murder of Hujam Surchi in Mosul, who has been immortalised below in his home Rovya, Duhok.