Execution by Tank – October 2015


The title creates images of injury and mayhem, events like this occur in the military, a soldier is accidentally run over by a tank, as seen here in Russia in 2014.(here). In 1987 the American Army was concerned over the number of soldiers being “run over” and killed by tanks. The report said that from March 25, 1984, to Oct. 28, 1986, 22 sleeping soldiers were run over in 19 separate accidents during field training exercises. (here)

It is also a regular practice to demolish vehicles, motorbikes, farm equipment and now tank execution revenge is the latest grind gore Islamic State video release.


The video starts with a man dressed in prisoner orange, looking sick or at the least emaciated, hair shaven for humiliation, eyes barely open.

‘I joined the Army under contract with the Air Force Intelligence, and I registered the contract in the Airport of Hama, and they sent me to serve in the field of Sha’er, and stayed for the seventh month then they sent me to area named Jazl where I remained there four days then the Islamic State brought me, and I was in Jazl area and I was a tank driver, and I a used a tank to run over bodies of the Islamic State’s soldiers’

The next scene begins with another man clad in all white, who explains the young man will face the same fate he supposedly meted out to ISIS fighters, finger pointing, the dialogue near yelling, as the condemned kneels, hands tied, feet bound.

The tank is shown approaching, black diesel smoke puffs out of its mechanical gills, tracks aligning with the man as he hops sideways, pathetically attempting some respite of humanity, furtively glancing to the side of the road, where men in black with guns yell back, he falls, it is done. To end, the crushed body is viewed, men cheer…fade to black.

The identity of the NDF Soldier executed is Fadi Ammar Zidan, 19 years old from the village of Sian in Jableh area in the northern countryside of Latakia.


video below