Instructions to Indonesia

A fifteen minute video released by Azzam Media with Indonesian subtitles. The English subtitles have been added to offer an understanding into the brainwashing of young teenagers into a fighting brigade.

A series of class rooms are shown with camouflaged wearing teens, some quiet young, sitting intently listening to the lecture.

The teens are then paraded through the streets and show off their battle readiness, the final act ends in the teen brigade carrying out a mock over throw of an army base. 

The fact that the video is subtitled in Indonesian may be of some interest as the terror threat in the Asian Pacific has been triggered again by the attack in Jakarta.

The missing facts to these events is the posturing of America in a proxy arm wrestle with China over the disputed South China Sea.

Back in 2011 Indonesia was concerned over the placement of US planes in Darwin, (here) and in 2015 these concerns are still visible. (here) pdf

Also in recent months the Philippines has given America further opportunity to install bases on its lands. (here)

The Asian Pivot has not been received well by some anti – American activists and may remain a flash point for further unrest into the future.

UPDATE – Threat letter hand delivered in Bali (here)