Assassination of Saudi Police Colonel Kitab Majid Al Hammadi

Video released from Najd Province media, 8th April 2016 showing the “death sprinkling” assassination of Saudi Police Colonel Kitab Majid Al Hammed. The assassination took place in the area of al-Dawadmi, located 200km’s west of Riyadh. Last year, the Najd Province affiliate claimed responsibility for three bombings of Shiite mosques that killed 53 people in eastern Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. (here Reuters)


The video opens with a long shot of a man dressed in a dish dash getting into a car followed by the drive past shooting ending with the targeted car careening off the road. This type of drive past assassination is not a new phenomenon as videos showing this type of attack were the staple gore porn for Daesh. (here) The nature of the attack of course shows no gallantry or respect for the rules of engagement and does nothing more than enforce the fact that it is a cowardly attack on a defenceless individual, which succinctly explains the Daesh modus operandi in a nutshell.