The state of the Euphrates : Vsikveckhm God

Eighteen minute video released through Al Furat titled “The state of the Euphrates:Vsikveckdhm God” (word of God). The title also appears in other uploads as “And Allah will be sufficient for you against them


In the video there are some surprises that may lead one to think there is an insider within the coalition forces. In one segment a Free Syrian Army officer is shown being video dialogue coached and told how to present body language while speaking.


Next, the failed attempt to seize Abu Kamal, after air support failed to attack the checkpoints, because the beacons on the ground were not activating, (i.e, men on the ground using cell phones to send GPS co-ordinnates to coalition command), the confusion is evident from the recorded messages between the commanders. The soldiers that were left behind, are later shown beheaded, followed by the ubiquitous weapons haul shots.  In one of the many boxes seized are new “Phantom Hobby Drones” shown with Go Pro gimbal and other range extending components attached. Ammunition boxes full of plastic explosives, anti-tank guns and electrical components, computers, radios, all which will make for revenue raising or trade. The complete video is subtitled in English as it is directed to primarily to an American forces audience.

cAPtured Drones

In another segment, the recorded messages between commanders are shown with reference to Daesh commanders escaping battle dressed as women. Interesting, a video appears showing Daesh dressed as women. (here)



Coalition - trainer

Coalition Trainer

Coalition Daesh