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“Surely Falsehood is Ever Bound to Vanish” – Afghanistan

Afghanistan –  “Surely Falsehood is Ever Bound to Vanish” an eight minute quasi professional video narrated in English which attempts to show the American tax payers the enormous resources which are poured into the thirty tear war with no end in sight. The title comes from (Qur’anic verse 17:81.)

The video shows militants gunning down soldiers as they escape, even taking one prisoner. The final scene shot from the ubiquitous floating drone shows a HumVee, packed with TNT,  oxidise into dust.

Daesh Drone Bombing Run – POV

The video below is the last scene from “Roar of the Lions – Wilayat al-Furat” a storyboard Daesh al-Furat video release January 30, 2017. The video is from a drone point of view, dropping an explosive into a compound. 






Daesh have been using drones extensively over the last twelve months from making propaganda videos to trailing VBIED’s, (tangentcode).  The system of delivery utilising hobby drones is as basic as it is destructive and is easily arranged with some modelling glue a plastic tube and the physics of time, speed and distance.

Military spec Drones have been looted (pic-28 July 2016) are not out of the box, but carefully constructed with long range capabilities. (tangentcode)

cAPtured Drones

Solution – Disable the application that the device uses for telemetry and GPS. This could be done with regional restrictions through the Application developers, such as flight restrictions surrounding airports.

Turkey – Coup d’état – July 2016


Turkey has yet again convulsed through yet another coup attempt with nearly 170 people dead and over eleven hundred injured. This time the alleged agitator is Fethullah Gulen, who resides in America.

Fethullah Gulen

The scenes in the video below show tanks running people over and helicopters firing on unarmed civilians. The situation is now contained as some three thousand ‘soldiers’ have now either surrendered or capitulated in custody. A Stalin purge will ripple through the Turkish military and ruling elite, as diplomatic machination begin for a helicopter crew who landed in Greece and who now seek asylum. (here) Could there be more instability in Turkey?

For more information a listing of previous coups in Turkey (wiki) and the 2013 NYT article (here).

video : tanks and helicopters attack citizens

video : President  Binali Yildirim Press Conference (condensed)


2014RC – Earth grazing

2014 RC, aka “Pitbull” grazed past Earth some  35,000 Kilometres from the precious blue planets surface.

The Asteroid which is approximately 18.2m in length was only spotted on August 31st via the Catalina Sky Survey.

Comparisons have been drawn between this recent space skirmish and the comet in Chelyabinsk, Russia last year. 

So why was this only ‘discovered’ a week ago?

Well its tiny…really hard to see and travelling at 10 kilometres per second.