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Stay For the End Times – Halab

Twenty minute video “Stay For the End Times” from Halab showing suicide VBIED’s and the over running of an outpost, but the video also contains some  “before and after” scenes. Transitions are smooth in this production and the POV video game like reality turned up to maximum.  

The videos depicts a dead infant in a staged pose for the video. The full injury is shown through a sweeping pan as the men stand motionless.




Daesh Drone Bombing-2


This video below is an extract from “Knights of the Departments – Wilayat Ninawa” from late January.


Similar to “Daesh Drone Bombing Run – POV”  it shows the precision despatching of small munitions from an unmanned aerial vehicle. The video shows what seems like a release mechanism.

Below is Featured Videos from Rumiyah-6


Panama Handshake – Rául’s Havana Hat trick?

Panama City, Panama – 10th April 2015.

President of the United States of America shakes hands with President Raúl Castro of Cuba.

Was it that Obama did n’t realise or is this a carefully choreographed orchestration picking up where Kennedy left off?

Obama Administration dangling a carrot? Or is it just a couple of guys shaking hands?

The Havana Hat trick was a method Cuban women used to get items back to Cuba. Women would wear huge hats with all manner of goods tied to their heads. (here).

The Cuban Embargo (1960 –  ) here