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Saint Petersburg – April 2017

Eleven people are dead and more than fifty hospitalised after an early afternoon, terror attack. A home-made nail bomb detonated on the St Petersburg metro coinciding with a city visit by the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

A second explosive device disguised as a fire extinguisher was found and defused in a nearby station and police issued a search warrant for two suspected terrorists.

Below –  Akbarjon, born in Central Asia

2010 – Suicide bombers attacked the metro in Moscow (wiki)  killing forty one and injuring more than one hundred people, almost seven years to the day.

December 2013 – Volgograd


UPDATE – Further arrests (here)

UPDATE – ‘Intelligent, sportsman, didn’t pray’: St. Petersburg bomber ‘showed no signs of radicalization’ (RT)

UPDATE – The man accused of masterminding the Saint Petersburg train bombing that killed 14 people has denied the accusations pressed against him. Eight people suspected of involvement in the St. Petersburg terrorist attack have been detained in April, according to the Russian Investigative Committee. Six were arrested in St. Petersburg and two others in Moscow.

UPDATE – Further arrests with the brother Akram arrested in possession of a grenade. 


Nemtsov shooting – CCTV

CCTV vision has been released showing the last moments of Boris Nemtsov life, a mere 400m from the Kremlin. The vision is grainy, however details can be seen such as the waiting car.

The female companion who was with Nemtsov when he was shot, Ukrainian citizen Anna Duritskaya, is being questioned by investigators.



Russian’s have taken to the streets of Moscow protesting the injustice of the Kremlin’s disintegration protocols to opposition, or ‘fifth coloums’. 

Another one of the main theories being investigated was that Nemtsov was killed by his fellow opposition politicians as a “sacrificial victim” to increase tension in society.

The Russian President Mr Putin, has announced that he will personally oversee the investigation.

More (here) & (here)

Nemtsov - ws


UPDATE  – 20 June 2016

The investigation of the case against Zaur Dadaev, Shagid Gubashev, Anzor Gubashev, Temerlan Eskerkhanov and Khamzat Bakhaev, accused of killing Boris Nemtsov, is over. (source)


Barrett Brown – 30 month sabbatical?


It was raining, as the cucumber sandwiches were passed around. The gaggle of vampires had come from far and wide to see this sacrifice.

A blood letting ensued, the beast, hypnotised by the swaying testicles of the executioner, back and forth as the electronic stun pulse crackles. Dull eyes roll in their sockets.

What was will never be again…of course there’s possible another young agitator sitting in a basement all mad and angry, pushing buttons screaming at the monitor,

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you…and Fuck You too,… fuck everything!!1″

To try and explain what it was like, and what happened is like explaining to someone what a Picasso looks like.

Unless you were there, forget it.

How do you start up and carry out an OpMetalGear or an OpCartel…what is the formula? how do you do it?

It just happens…there is no imaginary rule book, no diagrams or tutorial videos on You Tube.

How do you go about taking on a major criminal gang in another continent? How do you bring a global Security Company to its knees? 


So Barrett’s in jail for another 2(+/-) years having already spent 862 days in custody…and cops a humungous restitution bill of some $890,000…(for what?), and which law firm is accepting the restitution? Haditha is a clue…

The sentence could be whittled away with Barrett doing a drug rehabilitation course. Maybe he could teach a computer class..?


I would also like to make mention that some of the vampires that are feasting on this sacrifice, would in years past not have touched Barrett.

These puritans of the inked words present nothing more than dribble. A pale comparison in the shadow of a true namefag.

And for those who spent nights expecting their doors to be broken down and taken away in the night. Relax, knowing that the Barrett Brown sacrificed his freedoms, so you could be free.

Now return to your cooking shows and quiz shows, readers digest and twitter sphere will be a long time before you see another Barrett Brown.


Steely Dan from Yokohama is escorted to yet another case as the freedom fuckery continues..unabated.

Read Barrett’s statement to the court (here). And Mr. Stuckey’s post court Swift blast (here

And more, (31Jan 2015) here


Barrett has been taking issue with the reason why his TRULINCS account privileges were withdrawn without any due process

The documents below are captures from Mr. Brown’s May 2015 piece (here)

FTW 1330.13(F)

BB-FTW 1330.13(f)


InmateRequest- Part a - 45047-177

Barrett Brown – sentencing continuance – January 22nd 2015

Barrett Brown’s sentencing continuance  January 22nd 2015

862 days no bail.

Good luck Barrett.

FreeBB in Morse code video

Wikileaks statement on sentencing hearing (here) 17 December 2014

Dellcam’s piece from Daily Dot 20 Jan 2015 (here)