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“Surely Falsehood is Ever Bound to Vanish” – Afghanistan

Afghanistan –  “Surely Falsehood is Ever Bound to Vanish” an eight minute quasi professional video narrated in English which attempts to show the American tax payers the enormous resources which are poured into the thirty tear war with no end in sight. The title comes from (Qur’anic verse 17:81.)

The video shows militants gunning down soldiers as they escape, even taking one prisoner. The final scene shot from the ubiquitous floating drone shows a HumVee, packed with TNT,  oxidise into dust.

The Evil Plot – Wilayat al-Janub

The Evil Plot” from South Governarate Lebanon Wilayat al-Janub is a twelve minute guide to assassination. The silenced small arms surprise attack has taken a viral turn as it has become the tactic of choice by and as a tool of war.  

video below

Further reading…

ISIS behead captive Lebanese soldier, (here)

ISIS Leader, Security Official, Killed In Lebanese Army Raid…April 2016 (here)

ISIS leader’s wife captured..December 2014 (here)

London Car Terror Attack


On the anniversary of the Brussels attack (wiki) a man, (later named as Khalid Masood, aka Adrian Russell Ajao) has driven a car into people injuring up to 40 people and killing three. The attacker was quickly neutralised however only after stabbing and killing a policeman.

(One of the deceased was later identified as Utah man, Kurt Cochran).

Video below showing the speed the car was travelling, and the person who fell into the river. later identified as Andreea Cristea tourist from Romania.

Update – April 6th 2017 A 31-year-old Romanian tourist who plunged into the River Thames during last month’s terror attack outside the British parliament has died.

The car used in the attack was rented in Birmingham, where a number of arrests have recently taken place.

Almost a full day later Daesh push out a release through Amaq which has been seen by media as “claiming responsibility”. This is merely an acknowledgement of the act. If Daesh were responsible the notification would have been released minutes after, not nearly a day later.

“authorities will be concerned he may have become radicalised in prison.”

“He had a young child, who I’d think was about five or six years old” (read here)

Update – In Belgium a 39 year old French national was foiled as he attempted to copy the London Attack. (here) Weapons were found in the car.

Update – Further arrests 27th March 2017 (here – Daily Mail)

Turkey – Coup d’état – July 2016


Turkey has yet again convulsed through yet another coup attempt with nearly 170 people dead and over eleven hundred injured. This time the alleged agitator is Fethullah Gulen, who resides in America.

Fethullah Gulen

The scenes in the video below show tanks running people over and helicopters firing on unarmed civilians. The situation is now contained as some three thousand ‘soldiers’ have now either surrendered or capitulated in custody. A Stalin purge will ripple through the Turkish military and ruling elite, as diplomatic machination begin for a helicopter crew who landed in Greece and who now seek asylum. (here) Could there be more instability in Turkey?

For more information a listing of previous coups in Turkey (wiki) and the 2013 NYT article (here).

video : tanks and helicopters attack citizens

video : President  Binali Yildirim Press Conference (condensed)


Homs Child Executioner



This four and half minute video is titled “Information Office of the State of Homs offers families (and ) the liquidation of a Captain in the Army Alnasiri”. The video shows a man with some light bruising and abrasions to his arms speaking with the all to common fear of his impending death.

The video continues to an outdoor setting believed to be the Western Hir Palace in the province of Homs. After a short dialogue the full depth of the horror unfolds as a teenage child steps forward and severs the captives head, and then poses with it in stylised theatrics.

The soldier is believed to have been captured from  Al-Bosayri army checkpoint. 


Further to this, French school children recognised the child executioner from another death cult video..(here). 


France – rising tide of anti Muslim sentiment

France is in a position of flux as it deals with issues which encompass the entire scope of the human condition. In recent time the country has been the epicentre for a number of urban terror attacks, the most notable being Charlie Hebdo shooting. (July 19th 2015)

This video from UK  looks into the rising tide of anti muslim sentiments in France and asks the question, “what it is like to be French and a Muslim in 2015?”

Sony Archives- things ‘they’ did n’t want you to know.


Wikileaks release “Sony Archives” (here), a searchable format of 30,287 documents and 173,132 emails, much like classic releases, The Global Intelligence Files and Cablegate.  So whats this all about? It’s not as if Sony have n’t been hacked before, (video). It shows how a layer of a mega-global corporation talks to itself and how it makes decisions. It shows for example that Sony use Stratfor,(here) and it shows how Sony manipulates other mega-corporations to its own ends. (Anti Piracy pdf here)

“We have asked Netflix to take steps to more closely monitor circumvention websites”

It shows what publications the company uses for sources, for validation, for guidance, for training.(CSA threats here) Sony are upset, so could this release have been redacted and still have the same relevance?…probably. The individuals identities are not important, it is the dynamics that appear in the threads.

Your folks came back today saying they did not want to go forward together. Sounds like we should talk. M” (here)

Is it important enough to be put out raw, for all to see?..absolutely. Will this effect Sony adversely any more than that terrible troll Op “The Interview”…who cares? /probably not. Check for yourself…guaranteed, you will find something interesting.(here)   Assange gets 28 Spidermen Sony-Assange

Sydney Terror Attack foiled – data retention next

Australian Federal Police have arrested two men who were allegedly preparing to perpetrate an act of violence in allegiance with the Islamic State.(here)

Omar Al-Kutobi, 24, a student who fled war-torn Iraq for Australia, and Mohammad Kiad, 25, a nurse who moved from Kuwait in 2012, are accused of plotting an imminent terrorist act.

Police say a machete, hunting knife and home-made Islamic State flag were found in the home.”

The type of act that we will allege that was going to be undertaken is consistent with the messaging coming out of IS,” NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn.

The two men had been placed under surveillance from a tip-off

They say at 3:00pm local time, the men bought a hunting knife from a military supplies shop.”

UPDATE – 14 September 2016 (here) & Terror Arrests behind Bars – (here)

Omar al-Kutobi:MohammadKiad

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott during Question time in House of Representatives 12th February 2015. 

..take note of his last comments in regard to data retention. (here)

Update – 14 September 2016, Informant warned ASIO of planned Sydney terrorist attack, (here)