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The Evil Plot – Wilayat al-Janub

The Evil Plot” from South Governarate Lebanon Wilayat al-Janub is a twelve minute guide to assassination. The silenced small arms surprise attack has taken a viral turn as it has become the tactic of choice by and as a tool of war.  

video below

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ISIS behead captive Lebanese soldier, (here)

ISIS Leader, Security Official, Killed In Lebanese Army Raid…April 2016 (here)

ISIS leader’s wife captured..December 2014 (here)

Free Us or Kill Us – David Ngugi Wataari


“Free Us or Kill Us” is a seven minute video featuring David Wataari who has been in previous releases after being taken captive by Somalia’s al Shabaab militants.  (tangentcode

The pleas are directly to the people of Kenya not to forget the soldiers who were only following orders to not be forgotten.

video below


London Car Terror Attack


On the anniversary of the Brussels attack (wiki) a man, (later named as Khalid Masood, aka Adrian Russell Ajao) has driven a car into people injuring up to 40 people and killing three. The attacker was quickly neutralised however only after stabbing and killing a policeman.

(One of the deceased was later identified as Utah man, Kurt Cochran).

Video below showing the speed the car was travelling, and the person who fell into the river. later identified as Andreea Cristea tourist from Romania.

Update – April 6th 2017 A 31-year-old Romanian tourist who plunged into the River Thames during last month’s terror attack outside the British parliament has died.

The car used in the attack was rented in Birmingham, where a number of arrests have recently taken place.

Almost a full day later Daesh push out a release through Amaq which has been seen by media as “claiming responsibility”. This is merely an acknowledgement of the act. If Daesh were responsible the notification would have been released minutes after, not nearly a day later.

“authorities will be concerned he may have become radicalised in prison.”

“He had a young child, who I’d think was about five or six years old” (read here)

Update – In Belgium a 39 year old French national was foiled as he attempted to copy the London Attack. (here) Weapons were found in the car.

Update – Further arrests 27th March 2017 (here – Daily Mail)

Daesh Drone Bombing Run – POV

The video below is the last scene from “Roar of the Lions – Wilayat al-Furat” a storyboard Daesh al-Furat video release January 30, 2017. The video is from a drone point of view, dropping an explosive into a compound. 






Daesh have been using drones extensively over the last twelve months from making propaganda videos to trailing VBIED’s, (tangentcode).  The system of delivery utilising hobby drones is as basic as it is destructive and is easily arranged with some modelling glue a plastic tube and the physics of time, speed and distance.

Military spec Drones have been looted (pic-28 July 2016) are not out of the box, but carefully constructed with long range capabilities. (tangentcode)

cAPtured Drones

Solution – Disable the application that the device uses for telemetry and GPS. This could be done with regional restrictions through the Application developers, such as flight restrictions surrounding airports.

Confronting ISIS – Documentary

Confronting ISIS” from 2016 with reporter Martin Smith explains in detail the emergence of the Islamic State through a well presented and detailed timeline. 

The video is presented here in three parts for users convenience.

Part One 611MB

Part Two 232MB

Part Three 292MB

AlShabaab Kenyan Rifles PoW – Leonard Maingi Kiiyo Speaks


Leonard Maingi Kiiyo was captured in January 2016 and is seen in this Al-Kataib-Al Shabaab video pleading for his life. Leonard is a doctor in the nursing section of the 9th Battalion Kenyan Rifles based in Moi Barracks. The attack on 15th January 2016 in El-Adde (wiki) resulted in a number of others being taken hostage as explained through the subtitled dialogue.

In the video Leonard addresses Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, the commander in Chief of the Kenyan Army, as the director of the ill fated AMISOM manoeuvre crossing the Somalian border, asking for his help directly.

This is the largest defeat against the KDF since its independence in 1963.

video below

further to the above video is another such production (released Sept 30 below) with David Ngugi Wataari


note the subtitles are enlarged for your convenience

UPDATE 17 Jan 2017

Video released  of Ugandan soldier executed by Somalia’s al Shabaab militants. (Reuters)






Abu Sayyaf – ransom demands ongoing

Video released from Abu Sayyaf with the remaining three hostages, Marites Flor, Robert Hall and Kjartan Sekkingstad pleading for help. 

Kjartan Sekkingstad is heard saying in his address  “like our friend John was a few days ago.” Canadian Ridsdel was found decapitated in late April. The remote location and the difficulty in finding an upload facility may be the cause for the delay between production and release.


UPDATE 13-June 2016

June – Abu Sayyaf group beheads remaining Canadian hostage Robert Hall

Canadian authorities confirmed his murder, as a result of their refusal to pay a demanded ransom.

John Ridsdel Murdered

Abu Sayyaf – October 2015

Abū Sayyāf in Sulu – Pledge of Allegiance

UPDATE – 17 SEPTEMBER 2016 – Norwegian Hostage Freed  (HERE)

UPDATE – 28 September 2015 – Nixon Muktadil and his brother Brown Muktadil – DUSTED – (here)

Philippines – flags and Bay’ah


Video titled Bay’ah to the Caliph of the Muslims Abū Bakr al-Baghdādī”, (an oath of allegiance to a leader). The stumbling production starts with a group armed men walking through a jungle some holding flags, others holding the Quran. A dialogue follows where three of the men are introduced. One then takes a piece of paper from his pocket, unfolds it and reads out some dictate, badly. The video ends with an “all for one and one for all” type validation which is more at home with a football team. 

Not to be underestimated in their understanding of violence and the willingness to perpetrate it,  this video serves to prove the fact that on the ground, the thinking man is not present.


Update 12 Feb 2016






Abu Sayyaf – October 2015


October 2015, Abu Sayyaf have released video showing two men from Canada and one from Norway now captive and being held for ransom. The men speak in the video asking for artillery and military operations to stop in the area so negotiations can proceed regarding the release of the hostages. The men plead with their Governments to do something to end the situation. 

As one of the men speaks, a militant holds his head while menacing a type of kukri at his neck. Abu Sayyaf have in recent times had a number of bombing attempts foiled and felt the Philippines Army forces pressure which has led to this type of retaliatory hostage taking. (here) The Philippines Government recently designated Abu Sayyaf a terrorist organisation, a type of “shoot first, ask questions later” zero tolerance stance. (here)

Kidnapping is a cottage industry in the region as in recent times show a string of hostages who have been released after their families pay tens of thousands of dollars for “room and board.”

Do Governments pay ransoms? (here) and June 24th 2015 (here)

UPDATE – April 25th 2016 – Canadian John Ridsdel executed by Philippine terrorist group Abu Sayyaf (here)

video below

Peshmerga Executions



This video from Erbil, Kurdistan Region, depicts the murder of seven Peshmerga. The knife pointing rant and the full metal jacket stares are all choreographed into a macabre production. The gratuitous violence of the executions is not contained as other productions releases, in fact quiet the opposite becomes apparent. This video is harsh in its delivery in an effort to shake the repetitive execution production and slap the viewers sensibilities into sharp focus.

ISIS suffered heavy losses at the end of September 2015 after Peshmerga launched a major offensive west of Kirkuk which led to approximately forty ISIS militants being dusted. Some of the Peshmerga executed in this video may also have been captured in January 2015, (February 2015 here & here) which at the time included the beheading murder of Hujam Surchi in Mosul, who has been immortalised below in his home Rovya, Duhok.