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Confronting ISIS – Documentary

Confronting ISIS” from 2016 with reporter Martin Smith explains in detail the emergence of the Islamic State through a well presented and detailed timeline. 

The video is presented here in three parts for users convenience.

Part One 611MB

Part Two 232MB

Part Three 292MB

Raiding the Villages to Spread Guidance

Video released through AlHayat media in May 2016 showing a ten day campaign to spread the dialogue of Islamic State through out the micro villages of the country side, much like the Cub Caravan and the Islamic State orphanage outreach from previous releases. The twenty four minute production is complete with aerial aspects with audio nicely mixed, the men with guns are well hidden, and the locals do the testimonials like professional actors. This content has been released in time for a recruitment drive to regain the ground lost to Coalition forces in the late part of March 2016.  

The courses in this campaign have tended to about 70 thousand cubs.”




“with Allah’s grace, by using a single motorcycle, we destroy your project”


We are all the Islamic State, so let the entire world know that!


Guidance on women’s attire


Below – “Infographic” – becoming a popular way to share through social media. The other format is translated “interviews” which appear in jpeg format in wordpress posts.


Daesh pleads for twitter accounts

Below is a screen capture from the official Daesh web presence, or at least one of them. The request is for email and passwords to twitter and FaceBook accounts.

Just over a week ago it was beginning to become difficult to find some of the “Daesh – Russian” videos and in some cases it was as if they never existed. Daesh had their digital world shaken but it was n’t by who you expecting.

For over a year the spooks pseudo-Anonymous have actually done very little, if anything to interrupt the PR flow, but when Russia steps into the frey the rug gets pulled from under Daesh in a matter of days. The gradual decline of the Daesh social media machine is now at a point where Daesh are openly appropriating channels from followers.


screen shot examples of the “Daesh – Russian” internet purge.



The Making of a Teenage Terrorist

From Australian Four Corners “The making of a teenage terrorist”, looking at the recent Sydney terror attack and the events leading up to it from 2005.

From September 2012 – Sydney Muslim Community March 2012 (here) & (here)




Man Monis Haron – Digital Epitaph


The last post Man Monis Haron made was on December 14th 2014 on one of his websites –


The website was taken down, (removed, expunged ) from the internet…but the waybackmachine has a number of captures of Man Monis Haron’s digital footprint.

His letter to Tony Abbott is difficult to read and make any sense from, as are most of the posts through the 20 captures in the web archive. video below…


From 2007 up to his last days there is a steady stream of posts and letters to people all through his Local Community and Federal Government. 



In early 2015 the Telecommunication (Interception and Access) Amendment(Data Retention) , laws are set to be passed through Parliament. As David Irvine said at the September Press Club meeting, after raising the terror threat level to high which was  echoed by Scott Morrison the next day, the lone wolf attacks are the most difficult to anticipate.

However in 2015 the Police, State, Federal and Commonwealth Security Agencies will be able to act with an even lower threshold of suspicion, not just a reasonable belief, within the new legislation Foreign Fighters Amendment Bill 2014. Or is it the other way around? The level of evidentiary intent has been diluted to a “shoot from the hip” legislation. Of course months after a person is raided or arrested under the new terror act amendments, or searched with out a warrant it will take months, years to recover from a full force intrusion of Federal Security Agencies into your life. And it will be all done legally with as much force as required to put citizens back in their boxes.

After the way this tragic situation arose, near undetected regardless of the extensive prior criminal background, State and Local Government and even the Muslim Community did n’t have a crystal ball. It is the way the questions regarding the access to a firearm whilst on bail for serious crimes are answered which will steer the outcome (see Operation Hammerhead media release) of this tragedy and will effect all Australians.

It will effect the way legislation is passed through Parliament and could trigger an emotive knee jerk Senate waterfall of laws that should never see the light of day. This is now where Australia finds itself, in the post G20 haze, balancing between the 1033 Military Surplus ‘Strike first’ Police, or an inclusive community policing and public interest. 

This will be remembered as another lost innocence, another time Australians realised that the rest of the world’s troubles are here with us now.


Further to this has been the following news links  in regard to “Iran says it requested 14 years ago the extradition of Man Haron Monis – the gunman behind the Sydney siege – but Australia refused to hand him over.”


As part of the inquiry into the Lindt Cafe siege in July 2016