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Manchester to Jakarta to Egypt – May 2017

Two terror bombing attacks a day apart from each other and on opposite sides of the globe show the stark reality that is terror in the twenty first century. The first attack in Manchester at the end of pop concert killed over twenty people, some of the as young as eight. In Jakarta, half a world away. policemen were targeted in the eastern part of the city.

Below pics of Manchester crime scene

The Manchester terrorist has been named as Salman Abedi, 22 who had only returned to UK from Libya days earlier. Seventy three people are in hospital, twenty three of those in critical care. (here) The explosive used identified as “triacetone triperoxide” or TATP, was also used in the Paris and Brussels attacks (here). It is easily made from sulphuric acid, paint stripper and hydrogen peroxide and by carefully controlling the temperature as the components are added. It is known as “Mother of Satan” and is used in blasting caps or detonators. As a primary explosive it is an extremely energetic explosive. Methods of making TATP can be easily found on YouTube.


CCTV footage reportedly showed the Abedi placing a bag down in the foyer between Manchester Arena and Victoria station shortly before it detonated amid crowds leaving the concert.

“Abedi, who was born in the UK to Libyan parents who had fled Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, had shown signs of extremism including flying an Islamist flag from his Manchester home but not raised sufficient alarm to spark intervention by British security services.

The Burnage Academy for Boys confirmed he attended the school between 2009 and 2011 but said it could give no further details due to the ongoing investigation.

Abedi went on to study for a business and management degree at the University of Salford but dropped out at the start of his second year in September, getting a job in a bakery.

He was not well-known by neighbours in the tight-knit Fallowfield community in Manchester, but some noticed he had grown a beard and started to wear religious dress in recent months”

Predictable Daesh through its spider web of social media misanthropes has claimed responsibility for both acts of terror.

British police have been at odds with a leak of some of the investigation details, such as this press button trigger. (here) The other details leaked include the 12V battery used as power for the fuse, which would dispel any redundancy. This device was designed to ‘definitely’ explode. 

Further arrests (here)


Two suicide bombers detonated explosive devices near a bus stop with a delay of approximately ten minutes resulting in the death of three policemen.

The last attack in Jakarta in January 2016 (here)

Below is similar attack on Police – October 2016 (here) and in April 2017, Police kill six suspected terrorists (here)

Two  Daesh videos in context to both events – “Instructions to Indonesia” (here) and “Raqqa Aprile 2017 (here) which both have translated subtitles and are directed at the region.


NB: Manchester June 1996Arndale explosion (hereand 1992 (here)


Egypt – Daesh claim deadly attack on Coptic Christians.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for yet another cowardly attack that killed at least 29 Coptic Christian pilgrims traveling on a bus south of Cairo. 

Masked gunmen driving SUVs opened fire Friday on the caravan of Coptic Christians heading for the monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor in the Minya governorate about 200 km’s south of Cairo.

In response, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi ordered Egyptian jets carry out airstrikes on camps in Libya used by militants responsible for the attack.

511 sectarian incidents July 2012 – May 2017 (infographic) 231 of those since Sisi took control after a military coup 2014.

a direct correlation between the high presence of Islamist movements, high levels of laxity by the security apparatus [and] high levels of poverty that contribute to the sectarian assaultsMariz Tadros

Answering the Call – al-Khayr

Twenty five minute video from al-Khayr which is basically a cobbled together production from other videos with the same theme of recruitment, for example the end scene is from “Story of Nafir – Raqqa” (here). Other familiar faces show up through the video which signals, Daesh are in need of fighters or a terror event which they can claim.

 Also note the first anniversary of the death of Mulla Akhtar Muhmmad Mansur (wiki), killed May 21st and with Ramadan May 26th this release is timed in an effort to precipitate a terror event and at the least to legitimise ‘lone wolf’ attacks.

Penalty of the Treacherous – Karkuk

Penalty of the Treacherous released via Wiliyat Karkuk is what it sounds like, an execution video. Groups of man are murdered either by beheading or rifle through a series of spoken confessions each group separated with a man daubing blood onto a wall. The early part of the video shows a layer of sophistication with generated transitions that are super imposed over projections  played over the captive as he speaks.

This type of production and editing combination has not been seen in recent months with Daesh as they have attempted to fill the missing skill sets the media productions once had.

El-Adde POW – Senior Private Alfred Kilasi – Plea for Help


A four and  half minute video from Al Kataib media with Snr Private Alfred Kilasi’s desperate message calling for rescue from the Government of Kenya. 

Other videos have appeared, such as with Leonard Maingi Kiiyo and David Ngugi Wataari (here) from between January 2016 when they were first taken captive (wiki), through to April 2017 with David Ngugi “Free Us or Kill Us” (here).




Advice for Martyrdom-Seekers in the West-Hamza Bin Laden

“Advice for Martyrdom Seekers in the West” a ten minute video from As-Sahab Media, sub-titled in English, which rolls along with a monotone dialogue from Hamza Bin Laden, over scenes from terror attacks over the last four years such as the murder of Lee Rigby and is inclusive of attacks on Israeli soldiers up to recent attacks in Paris.

Osama Bin Laden was killed May 2nd, 2011 now his son has released messages vowing revenge over the last two years, such as “Jerusalem Is a Bride and Our Blood Is Her Dowery” (below) and a twenty plus minutes audio recording (here).

Complete Bankruptcy

Twelve minute Furat production in Russian and subtitled in Arabic. The crux of this video is a monologue from a Russian fighter overlaid onto previous war crimes such as the murder of Mamayev Jambulat, (here) Jan2015  and (here) December 2015.

Also note the appearance of Whitehelmets through video…


Terror Finance Report – stopping the money

The Australian Government TRAC has released  a risk assessment reportMoney Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risk Assessment”  (pdf). The key statistics on Store Value Cards or as the report “SVC”.

SVC’s or ‘Stored Value Cards’, allow money to be debited or payed into an electronic account and the used just like a VISA or other credit card, to purchase goods, particularly over internet retail services. The SVC’s are often bought with ‘on-selling’ of goods which buy more SVC cards from which the code is then sent to recipients who withdraw cash money from automatic teller machines or cash points.


This type of finance model  which is used to supply Daesh, or “sponsor soldiers” has been a subject for previous reports such as the 2015 FATF Report (pdf)

And, 2012 report from the Australian Treasury (pdf).

The disruption and constriction of finance reaching Daesh will be a major factor towards the final depreciation of their existence. Without a cash flow Daesh will fall into anarchy.



Raqqah – April 2017

Twenty two minute video, with Indonesian subtitles, showing POV fighting, some drone bombings, and a number of  fire fights sewn together with the obligatory beheading scene and the overly emotional rant. The details in the video are what make this production interesting. 

Note the battle patches..

And from July 2016 this comparison graphic and the battle patch significance


Stay For the End Times – Halab

Twenty minute video “Stay For the End Times” from Halab showing suicide VBIED’s and the over running of an outpost, but the video also contains some  “before and after” scenes. Transitions are smooth in this production and the POV video game like reality turned up to maximum.  

The videos depicts a dead infant in a staged pose for the video. The full injury is shown through a sweeping pan as the men stand motionless.




Heartbeats – Sinai peninsula of Egypt

Seventeen minute video release from Sanya (Sinai peninsula of Egypt), which shows POV sniper shots in much the same fashion asArrow of the Monotheists” (tangentcode).