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London Car Terror Attack


On the anniversary of the Brussels attack (wiki) a man, (later named as Khalid Masood, aka Adrian Russell Ajao) has driven a car into people injuring up to 40 people and killing three. The attacker was quickly neutralised however only after stabbing and killing a policeman.

(One of the deceased was later identified as Utah man, Kurt Cochran).

Video below showing the speed the car was travelling, and the person who fell into the river. later identified as Andreea Cristea tourist from Romania.

Update – April 6th 2017 A 31-year-old Romanian tourist who plunged into the River Thames during last month’s terror attack outside the British parliament has died.

The car used in the attack was rented in Birmingham, where a number of arrests have recently taken place.

Almost a full day later Daesh push out a release through Amaq which has been seen by media as “claiming responsibility”. This is merely an acknowledgement of the act. If Daesh were responsible the notification would have been released minutes after, not nearly a day later.

“authorities will be concerned he may have become radicalised in prison.”

“He had a young child, who I’d think was about five or six years old” (read here)

Update – In Belgium a 39 year old French national was foiled as he attempted to copy the London Attack. (here) Weapons were found in the car.

Update – Further arrests 27th March 2017 (here – Daily Mail)

Confronting ISIS – Documentary

Confronting ISIS” from 2016 with reporter Martin Smith explains in detail the emergence of the Islamic State through a well presented and detailed timeline. 

The video is presented here in three parts for users convenience.

Part One 611MB

Part Two 232MB

Part Three 292MB

Sony Archives- things ‘they’ did n’t want you to know.


Wikileaks release “Sony Archives” (here), a searchable format of 30,287 documents and 173,132 emails, much like classic releases, The Global Intelligence Files and Cablegate.  So whats this all about? It’s not as if Sony have n’t been hacked before, (video). It shows how a layer of a mega-global corporation talks to itself and how it makes decisions. It shows for example that Sony use Stratfor,(here) and it shows how Sony manipulates other mega-corporations to its own ends. (Anti Piracy pdf here)

“We have asked Netflix to take steps to more closely monitor circumvention websites”

It shows what publications the company uses for sources, for validation, for guidance, for training.(CSA threats here) Sony are upset, so could this release have been redacted and still have the same relevance?…probably. The individuals identities are not important, it is the dynamics that appear in the threads.

Your folks came back today saying they did not want to go forward together. Sounds like we should talk. M” (here)

Is it important enough to be put out raw, for all to see?..absolutely. Will this effect Sony adversely any more than that terrible troll Op “The Interview”…who cares? /probably not. Check for yourself…guaranteed, you will find something interesting.(here)   Assange gets 28 Spidermen Sony-Assange

end of internet torrents? – iiNet & speculative invoicing

7th April 2015, Sydney Australia.

Federal Court Justice Nye Perram ruled in favour of Dallas Buyers Club LLC’s “preliminary discovery” application requesting that the ISPs disclose the identities of 4,726 people it alleges shared the movie online.

This could be the beginning of the ending for ‘torrent’ sites and the downloading of copyright material? (here)

Australia is the largest downloader of pirated material in the world. The ISP iiNet is no stranger to controversy as recently the TPG buy out made news.(here)

iiNet were also part of a case in April 2012, (video) where the ISP was not liable for the content on their system in regard to copyright material, so the focus was reset and put on the individual user.

But it’s not just iiNet…Dodo, Internode, Amnet Broadband, Adam Internet and Wideband Networks will also be required to hand over customer details.

And that VPN you are just about to subscribe to…they won’t hesitate to hand over your details, a more likely scenario is to use public wifi or an internet cafe next time you want to download the most recent movie.

The image below is from ipvanish Terms and Conditions (here) “Fastest and Fastest Growing Tier-1 VPN Network in the World” and will probably mean something different after today…


Speculative Invoicing …retrospective even?

If your ISP is not listed above…it’s possibly because they have such an agreement already in place.

Full Document from Federal Court (here)




OpFreeAssange – January 2012



Greetings to all people everywhere
Over the next week events may take a course, which for some may seem unacceptable,
Completely unacceptable
Of course
We refer to the supreme court hearing regarding the european arrest warrant for Julian Assange, journalist and publisher of Wikileaks, this February first and second.
If the supreme court upholds the extradition of Julian Assange, may we offer a number of legal ways in which supporters of Julian and Wikileaks can show their support
Along with the outcome of the supreme court hearing , the passage of sopa and pipa should also be held in distain as governments seek to throttle the last vestiges of freedom from the internet we all know and love so dearly.

Firstly may we suggest revisiting Op Paperstorm.
In this operation which has been highly successful in past protests,
activist use facsimile message to protest by sending messages directly to politicians and law makers.
Make leaflets and paste them in prominent locations in your community
Spray paint your message so all can see on government buildings
Make adhesive stickers and place them again in prominent spaces
Second , we suggest flash mobs.
Flash mobs have been a way in which large numbers of people from all walks of life are able to protest against injustices by turning up at locations where their presence can be most felt.
Spend the day at the largest furniture store in your area, make your self comfortable and let your children run wild. Try out the beds, the comfortable chairs, in fact try everything.
If visiting a Swiss furniture outlet is not your thing, book a test ride in a Swiss car, see what it red lines at, and for how long.
The main purpose is to agitate.
Organize your people
Network, communicate
Use all of the social media to great a wave of activism
Make your feelings known as to the gross injustices that take place in the name of justice
Stand as one be divided by zero
Make this an event to remember
As in the not to distant future, activism in the name of free speech will be deemed a crime punishable by citizenship removal and indefinite detention

#OpHorizon – reloaded

Headlines of the same date for three years document the tragedy of reactionary politics.

January 25, 2010’s headlines spoke only of despair, citing the recent earthquake in Haiti, an airplane crash, and empty promises in President Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address.
January 25, 2011 is now recognized as the true beginning of the Arab Spring, inspired by Tunisia’s revolution, catalyzed by Wikileaks and continually enabled by Anonymous and other open-information groups such as Telecomix.
January 25, 2012 marks a day which has seen recent international consolidations of power in response to a year which witnessed so much hope. Internet censorship in the name of anti-piracy has made its way onto US legislative floors, and the consideration of SOPA & PIPA has led other western countries to draft similar censorship legislation.

Recently, the United States passed NDAA, defense bill which contained a dangerous provision stating that any person declared a “terrorist” (no definition) or who has aided (no definition) a “terrorist” can be indefinitely detained without trial or charge. This provision was changed to read that only non-citizens could be detained, but another bill, EEA, is hoping to remove the citizenship of any person declared a terrorist.

Even without EEA, NDAA is applicable to current cases, one of which is rather well known. Julian Assange has been called a “hi-tech terrorist” by US Vice President Joe Biden. Many other distinguished figures, including US presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, have labeled Julian Assange an enemy combatant and have even called for his assassination.

Julian Assange’s final extradition hearing will take place on February 1. However broken the system, it will set a precedent and its occurrence will not be ignored. Operation Horizon continues to represent the hopes of those who have become martyrs, those who have been arrested for peaceful protests (both digital and irl), and those who have been victimized by illegitimate governments. We will remind the world that this period of change did not happen by chance, and that the livelihood of the person most heavily responsible for the publication of critical documents is hanging in the balance. Assange’s Feb 1 extradition trial is not about sex crimes; it’s about the possibility of extradition to the US for prosecution as an enemy combatant.

The truth has become the weapon of this information war. Mothers, students, doctors, journalists, you, me, we could all be labeled terrorists if we sympathize with Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Anonymous, the Arab Spring, the anti-austerity protesters, Occupy Wall Street & the 99% movement, or with those who fight for freedom independently. Governments which will prosecute journalists and their sources, but ignore the criminals uncovered by the reports have no right to determine who qualifies as a terrorist.

Anyone affected by 2011 has a responsibility to take a stand for free speech, freedom of information, freedom of assembly and a free press.
Stand for you right to change the world.

We are Anonymous
We are Julian Assange
We are Bradley Manning
We are the Arab Spring
We are the 99%
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

Wikileaks’ sword of Damocles stuff

Christmas Eve 2014, Wikileaks learns an inconvenient truth regarding the pseudopod Kraken,..Google.

It has become a known fact that Google have been in cahoots with the spooks, and for quiet a while…

Google notified Wikileaks ‘targets’ on the 23rd December 2014, via email about the warrants.


Now Wikileaks wants to know why it took so long for Google to say anything, let alone if they actively litigated against the warrants, not to mention concerns regarding privileged information between counsel – client privacy minefields.

The press conference will reveal new evidence of the ongoing attempts of the United States government to bring an Espionage Act prosecution against WikiLeaks speakers will address the press on the US ‘espionage’ investigation against WikiLeaks and the related matter of Sweden’s ongoing obstruction of Mr. Assange’s asylum, immediately after Sweden’s Universal Periodic Review session at the UN Human Rights Council.”

A similar incident had occurred with Twitter accounts of Wikileaks staff in 2011,(here) however Twitter were quick to notify the subjects and litigation,(here) in various forms has taken place.

Mr Assange had even discussed this exact subject with Google boss Eric Schmidt at the now infamous June 23rd 2011 lunch meeting.*

Eric Schmidt :I can certainly pass your request to our general counsel.

The Wikileaks release, (here) and full press release (here), are the arrow tips of the return volley

On Monday, 26 January 2015, Sweden must respond to human rights concerns from the UN Human Rights Council over its continued obstruction (with the United Kingdom) of Mr Assange’s asylum. Judge Baltasar Garzón, who is the Legal Director for Julian Assange’s legal team, will be at the UN with the published search warrants on 26 January to speak to the press following Sweden’s response.”



Michael Ratner  to Eric Schmidt CEO Google (here)

More –

Wikileaks v The Patriot Act – 24th August 2011 Order (here)

US espionage investigation against WikiLeaks: PATRIOT Act order unsealed (here)

Dynadot Order – (here)

January 28th  WaPo piece (here) “Google says it fought gag orders in WikiLeaks investigation

*Transcript and Audio of the Assange – Schmidt meeting 23rd June 2011 (here)