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AlShabaab Kenyan Rifles PoW – Leonard Maingi Kiiyo Speaks


Leonard Maingi Kiiyo was captured in January 2016 and is seen in this Al-Kataib-Al Shabaab video pleading for his life. Leonard is a doctor in the nursing section of the 9th Battalion Kenyan Rifles based in Moi Barracks. The attack on 15th January 2016 in El-Adde (wiki) resulted in a number of others being taken hostage as explained through the subtitled dialogue.

In the video Leonard addresses Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, the commander in Chief of the Kenyan Army, as the director of the ill fated AMISOM manoeuvre crossing the Somalian border, asking for his help directly.

This is the largest defeat against the KDF since its independence in 1963.

video below

further to the above video is another such production (released Sept 30 below) with David Ngugi Wataari


note the subtitles are enlarged for your convenience

UPDATE 17 Jan 2017

Video released  of Ugandan soldier executed by Somalia’s al Shabaab militants. (Reuters)






How Often A Small Group Overcame A Mighty Host By Allah’s Leave

Al Shabaab’s Al-Kataib Foundation for Media Productions, Somalia release “How Often A Small Group Overcame A Mighty Host By Allah’s Leave”. 

The twenty one minute video is in Swahili, subtitled in English and is for the most part a speech by Ahmed Imam, who sits in a green plastic chair. The video boils down to one concept which is repeated over and over. 

Despite the disbelievers being mighty in number, equipment and training they were overcome by a small group by the will of Allah

There is mention made of the FBI bounty which is dismissed as “hilarious”.

If you open up the FBI website you will find that the highest bounty has been put on the heads of the Mujahideen, It’s truly hilarious.”

“If you are among the patient then for certain you will receive the support of Allah, and if Allah is your supporter then no Kaafir can overpower you.”

The video ends with a short speech from Sheikh Aboud Rogo, 

“A Muslim is not victorious due to his cleverness nor because of his abilities and wisdom, rather he attains victory when he puts his trust solely in Allah.”


video below