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Advice for Martyrdom-Seekers in the West-Hamza Bin Laden

“Advice for Martyrdom Seekers in the West” a ten minute video from As-Sahab Media, sub-titled in English, which rolls along with a monotone dialogue from Hamza Bin Laden, over scenes from terror attacks over the last four years such as the murder of Lee Rigby and is inclusive of attacks on Israeli soldiers up to recent attacks in Paris.

Osama Bin Laden was killed May 2nd, 2011 now his son has released messages vowing revenge over the last two years, such as “Jerusalem Is a Bride and Our Blood Is Her Dowery” (below) and a twenty plus minutes audio recording (here).

From allegiance to the Islamic Khilafah State Khorasan


This is the Khorasan group which “refers to a group of senior al-Qaeda members who operate in Syria.”. (see wikipedia, here) The video goes into some detail identifying members of the group whilst also concealing others with some basic mask overlays. 

The video shows the group riding on horses which is a prelude to the beheading of a soldier the group has captured.

video below


For more on Khorasan search Wikileaks GIFiles for 1500+ Stratfor emails