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Wilayat Bengal – Boko Haram – September 2016



Fourteen minute video under the banner Wilayat Bengal, And The Disbelievers Planned, But God Planned. And God Is The Best Of Planners ” (Qur’anic verse 3:54) from 23 September 2016 set around the July Dhaka Cafe Attack (wiki). This is not the first time Daesh elements have popped their head up in this region. Four men were arrested in January 2016, after making video media aligning themselves with Daesh. (tangentcode).


The Bengal production could be seen as a gasp for breath as Daesh suffer geographically across Iraq and Syria. One point to remember regarding the Dhaka attack is that the young men were not from impoverished or disrupted back grounds, rather from comfortable middle class families, which provide a nursery for Daesh ideology planted by an extremists elements often disenchanted with their own misunderstandings and spiritual vacuums.  

In related news six top Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (wiki) activists arrested (here), “planning subversive activities in some South Indian states.”

A similar event of push media has also occurred with the reappearance of Boko Haram’s Abubakar Shekau, thought to have been killed, showing up in video media. (Reuters) in a low quality YouTube video. Below is Abubakar Shekau from the Wing Commander Hedima “Nigerian Pilot Beheading” video (tangentcode) February 2015.


And as seen in the September 2016 YouTube video (below) 


Further to this images appear of Nigerian Army attack and Looting .





Boko Haram – Borno revenge

 Video from West Ifriqiyyah media, possibly from September 2015, show Boko Haram insurgents near Borno moving across a grassy area with small to large tree cover. At first it is not clear what or who they are firing at. A tank appears and is chased by the lightly armed ground force. The video continues showing Government troops driving away, but it is not long until the insurgents catch up with the remaining Nigerian Troops. Bodies are shown in various states of injury as they are looted. One of the Government soldiers is captured alive and is gratuitously despatched in a cruel beheading scene.


The video concludes with the Boko Haram insurgents seemingly delighted with their haul of looted weapons and ammunition, which in reality would possibly only replace what they expended.


Nigerian forces have repelled Boko Haram only to have to take that same region again at a later date. One recent attempt to dissuade attacks is to ban the use of horses by military, (here)


Boko Haram – West African Islamic State Validation

The ten minute video complete with dual subtitles is a rambling speech by scarf-covered-face-AK-carrying-man in front of a couple of Toyota trucks in the classic Boko Haram production.


During the dialogue identification papers are shown from the attack on a small compound and a vehicle convoy which is shown in the second half of the video.


Injured people are shot dead and one man is beheaded in the tray truck. The video concludes with a revisiting of the October 2014 Nigerian jet wreckage which was in reality the result of the Nigerian Pilots bravery. (here)

video below

Harvest of Spies – Western Sudan, Nigeria

This video begins with a dramatically transitioned introduction and moves into a creepy shadow like scene which visually breaks open to show two men being led, hands bound, next edit, two men holding large knives, stand menacingly behind the two men. A man with one leg, on the captors side, sits in a green plastic garden chair, black Daesh flag behind him.


One of the men is questioned and in English subtitles we learn he is a farmer from Baga City. He had met a man who took him to a policeman who offered the two money (about $25 US Dollars each) for information regarding the people who lived in the village. 

The video ends with the two men’s heads resting on their chests.

video below

Nigerian Pilot beheaded – Dec 2014

A Nigerian Alpha Jet (NAF 466) had ‘gone missing’ during a counter insurgency mission against Boko Haram, September 2014. NAF466

At the time the Defence Headquarters issued a statement after the plane had failed to return. (here)

“left Yola at about 10:45a.m on 12 September 2014 on a routine operational mission and was expected back by 12:00 noon”.

“Since then, all efforts to establish contact with the aircraft have not yielded any positive result,”

The video from early December 2014 shows the body of what may be the co-pilot who possibly died on impact, different parts of the airframe are displayed showing the Nigerian rounds. 

The pilot then speaks whilst kneeling on the ground and explains the details of his capture. 

A short rant follows from a man holding an axe in which Barak Obama is addressed by name.

A forty odd strike beheading ensues followed by the atypical display of the body.

Nigerian Army Support Group released the statement below on social media.

This is his story. Read it, share it. This man was a hero, of the highest order.

“On 11/09/14, a company of NA soldiers attempted to overrun a BH position in Borno. Due to the low altitude, the plane suffered significant damage from the terrorists’ gunfire. Wing Commander Hedima and his partner realised that they were going to crash.

“They, instead of hurriedly parachuting to safety within Nigerian controlled territory, chose to embark on a mission to destroy as many terrorists and their weapons as possible”.
“They parachuted out at the last minute but not before ensuring their plane slammed into a column of terrorists; 63 Boko Haram members were killed as a result of their bravery.

“Wing Commander Hedima was captured. On 12/09/14, he was killed.

“He chose Nigeria, he chose all of us. We cannot forget him. Please share his story. His name should be known by everyone.

“Rest in peace Commander, we are grateful. May you find eternal peace; Thank you for your service.


The state of western Sudan (Nigeria) – drop the enemy aircraft and implement the rule of God in the pilot

Wing Commander Hedima


Satellite Images of a Country at War – Nigeria v Boko Haram

Amnesty International commissioned Satellite images  of Nigerian village Doron Baga which show heavy fighting in village areas. Boko Haram are traversing the north-east region killing anyone that stands in one place for too long…the only escape is to escape.

The first image shows trees and heavy vegetation in red. This is Doron Baga on January 2nd.


The second image taken five days later shows the same area with a noticeable absence of ‘red’


The third image shows the village Baga area with structures which when compared to the last image taken 5 days later clearly show a heavily burned area. This is corroborate by witnesses who have told of people being “killed like animals.” (here)



Nigeria is holding elections in February. Below is a graph showing “reported” civilian death as the result of Boko Haram terror.



For further comparison.


Islamic State Cub Killers – Total War

The use of children in extremist Jihad has become increasingly prevalent in recent times. It immediately shocks and confounds normal sensibilities and causes dismay in constructed reasoning. The concept of child soldiers is an alien reality to the Western war machine.

In Nigeria children have been strapped with explosives and remotely detonated (here)…IS have also cultivated a similar canon fodder pool which is rich with broken hearted orphans and lost children, waifs of war.

The video below shows a teenage child holding an automatic pistol, after a dialogue of text, the teenager shoots both men who kneel on the ground in front of him. The men, as yet unidentified, are possibly Russian civil contractors who have been kidnapped in Syria.