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Crack Down Upon Them – Wilayat al-Raqqah


Nineteen minute video from Wilayat al-Raqqah which starts with an execution then proceeds through a collection of fire fights, a VBIED, the identification of dead Kurdish foreign fighter Ryan Lock, ending with an English speaking executioner with a distinctive accent.  


Daesh are downloading Kurdish fighters videos and using them to identify enemy dead with stylised digital transition pop ups. (example) Ryan Lock was reported killed 21st December 2016.cracj-2

Early vision in this video is disrupted as the Daesh fighter with the GoPro is shot dead.


The same tactics of overwhelming light arms fire, flank and encircle are executed like a training run. The second fire fight includes a VBIED with devastating results. The Daesh fighters are well trained and battle experienced, running into the dust after VBIED  explosion ready to loot and collect all the oppositions ammunition in typical guerrilla drill, (and capture and imprison any opposition left alive.)

The final execution performed by an English speaking fighter with typical knife pointing rant, beheadings are turn into bleeding out the victim, then kicking the lifeless body into the dust.



Islamic State – Message to Assad Soldiers



The video is a classic Islamic State execution operation. The Syrian soldier is questioned and his part in operations against Islamic State is outlined.

video below

The last part of the video shows the dead soldiers body being dragged behind a truck with flag waving occupant and motorbikes trailing behind.




Mandate of Fallujah – 9 executed

Fallujah. This video is difficult to understand with out any real notes of translation besides the title.

Mandate of Fallujah // invisible version || though accustomed promise ||

The next few moments of the video make it crystal clear, as a number of handcuffed men in orange coveralls are paraded for photographs.

The men are questioned and finally seen kneeling before pistol holding executioners. The slow motion illusion effect is added in typical Daesh editing.



video below




‘Evil is what they buy’ – Mossad Spy Executed

This video from the “Security Database” which on the most part disseminate the execution of spies. A man speaks who is later identified as Muhammad Musallam, an Israeli Arab from Jerusalem. English subtitle appear beneath him and his story unfolds. He was arrested within the group who had become wary of his activities and leaving the ‘guest house’ in February. He had travelled to Syria as an agent recruited by Mossad.  (here)


Not only is the brutality and the intent of Islamic State depicted, but they use a teenage executioner to impale the viewers sensibilities. Using teens or “young lions” to execute spies is not a new phenomenon for IS, however it never fails to cut through the fog and mist and slap you right in the face. The execution unfolds in ‘slow motion’, which has a somewhat of an exaggerating effect seized upon in the production.

The video ends with a geolocation map graphic of other alleged Israeli ‘spies’.

video below



The man seen in the video speaking French has been identified as Sabri Essid, who is the step brother of Mohammed Merah. In 2012 Merah killed seven people after targeting a Jewish school in Toulouse, southern France. (here



Teenage captive – executed

Diyala Governorate, Eastern Iraq. (here) An unsettling video showing a teenager being executed by an Iranian backed, Iraqi Militia Groups.

A photograph is taken of the ‘boy’, as the group of men check the teen over. Slapped about and obviously frightened, it’s only a few moments later that his life ends with a automatic fire and a round to the head.

As bad and as heartless as it seems this type of treatment of prisoners is common where collaborateurs are known to exist.

The group are unable or unwilling to take a prisoner, these missions are kill only. A Prisoner would only be a liability, a drain on resources.

This video also offers an opportunity for the Iraqi Militia to make a statement to Daesh.

We take no prisoners”  

video below

Islamic State Cub Killers – Total War

The use of children in extremist Jihad has become increasingly prevalent in recent times. It immediately shocks and confounds normal sensibilities and causes dismay in constructed reasoning. The concept of child soldiers is an alien reality to the Western war machine.

In Nigeria children have been strapped with explosives and remotely detonated (here)…IS have also cultivated a similar canon fodder pool which is rich with broken hearted orphans and lost children, waifs of war.

The video below shows a teenage child holding an automatic pistol, after a dialogue of text, the teenager shoots both men who kneel on the ground in front of him. The men, as yet unidentified, are possibly Russian civil contractors who have been kidnapped in Syria.