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Crack Down Upon Them – Wilayat al-Raqqah


Nineteen minute video from Wilayat al-Raqqah which starts with an execution then proceeds through a collection of fire fights, a VBIED, the identification of dead Kurdish foreign fighter Ryan Lock, ending with an English speaking executioner with a distinctive accent.  


Daesh are downloading Kurdish fighters videos and using them to identify enemy dead with stylised digital transition pop ups. (example) Ryan Lock was reported killed 21st December 2016.cracj-2

Early vision in this video is disrupted as the Daesh fighter with the GoPro is shot dead.


The same tactics of overwhelming light arms fire, flank and encircle are executed like a training run. The second fire fight includes a VBIED with devastating results. The Daesh fighters are well trained and battle experienced, running into the dust after VBIED  explosion ready to loot and collect all the oppositions ammunition in typical guerrilla drill, (and capture and imprison any opposition left alive.)

The final execution performed by an English speaking fighter with typical knife pointing rant, beheadings are turn into bleeding out the victim, then kicking the lifeless body into the dust.



Sydney Terror Arrests – November 2016

Sydney, Australia. Police have arrested two men, one a seventeen year old who attempted to travel to Syria to fight for Islamic State in January 2015 and the other a 24 years old, Mehmet Biber (below) for travelling to a conflict zone to fight with Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra in July 2013. Both have links to other men who are part of investigations under counter terror police.


Mehmet Biber was refused bail and is due to appear again, via video link, on December 15 2016.

The 17-year old faced foreign incursion charges at the Parramatta Children’s Court today where bail was also refused. The matter was adjourned until a date in December, when the boy is due to appear via video link. 

Turkish Backed Rebels Leaked Video – September 2016

Leaked video showing either Sham Legion or Nour al-Din al-Zenki making a video with a cell phone ‘roughing’ up a teenager in what may be a forced confession prior to execution.


The subtitles in the video below are generated by YouTube “auto-translator” which is not 100% accurate, it does offer a foundation for ideas of what the dialogue contains. (archive.org)

video below




Kill them wherever you find them – Daesh Pulp

Seventeen minute video “Kill them wherever you find them”  released in January 2016 via AlHayat Media with French language and subtitled in Arabic.


The video is nicely edited with some ‘off the shelf’ transitions together with keyframe animations. But thats where the good stuff ends. The video is much the same as other releases over the last year.

The angry long haired foreign fighter stumbling over a poorly written dialogue along with the trademarked beheading all become a spot boring. At one point it is clearly evident that the poor man about to be bled out is suffering more from the tirade of trigger dialogue as he awaits his fate. Much like sitting next to a crazy person on a train and having to nonchalantly ignore the babble until your destination mercifully appears. 

In recent months Daesh have been struggling to keep a video up on any of the half dozen free upload sites. Archive dot org remove videos and have also added a “flag” button. WordPress have shed Daesh blogs like a sloughing snake leaving a trail of “video not found” and “missing content”  dead skin in its wake.


Important perhaps in an attempt to stop further recruitments and to that end this quote from ‘The Art of War‘ may be appropriate..

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

One last detail which spiked my interest was the PGP block which appears at the beginning and the end of the video…part of that block is shown below…



Message to Kazakhstan from Muhajidin

The video from KAVKAZ, March 2014 titled “Those Who Were Truthful With Allah” and is somewhat of a warning to aspiring fighters. The narrator during the video is Abu Anisah al Kazakhi (19), who as a graphics title explains, was later killed. (here)

As the dialogue progresses, accompanied with English translations, Abu warns not to,believe the media, the news and the Internetwhich claim that the Kazakhs have been killed. The group of men stand around a canon mounted truck with their best mean faces and some old AK47’s no doubt sold to them along with a watch which is right twice a day.. 

The video ends with images of four members of the “platoon” bled out and looking quiet dead.