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FSA torture Alawite man into unconsciousness

Video released showing a detail of FSA soldiers beating a Syrian Alawite conscript unconscious. The video is choreographed in such a way to not show the faces of the FSA thugs, but in their fervour a few frames allow these vermin to be seen.

Videos like this are not entirely uncommon however this one comes at a time when UK dandies jig about in the UN calling out Russia and Syria for acts of “barbarism” (BBCwhen the UK fund (over£2 billion) groups, either directly or indirectly, such as the ones seen beheading a teenager (tangentcode), and now beating a defenceless individual into unconsciousness. 


Homs Child Executioner



This four and half minute video is titled “Information Office of the State of Homs offers families (and ) the liquidation of a Captain in the Army Alnasiri”. The video shows a man with some light bruising and abrasions to his arms speaking with the all to common fear of his impending death.

The video continues to an outdoor setting believed to be the Western Hir Palace in the province of Homs. After a short dialogue the full depth of the horror unfolds as a teenage child steps forward and severs the captives head, and then poses with it in stylised theatrics.

The soldier is believed to have been captured from  Al-Bosayri army checkpoint. 


Further to this, French school children recognised the child executioner from another death cult video..(here).