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Raqqah – April 2017

Twenty two minute video, with Indonesian subtitles, showing POV fighting, some drone bombings, and a number of  fire fights sewn together with the obligatory beheading scene and the overly emotional rant. The details in the video are what make this production interesting. 

Note the battle patches..

And from July 2016 this comparison graphic and the battle patch significance


The Solid Edifice – The Philippines



Philli Baya

Video released June 21st through the new “Wilayat The Philippines” on “just paste it” listing various upload venues, some of which have been scrubbed from the internet, calling on the Philippines, Malaysian and Indonesia jihadists to terrorise non-Muslims and especially Catholics.

The video starts with the Abu Sayyaf  jungle outposts showing “Bayan” or allegiance to Islamic State. The vision is cobbled together from previous releases, including the April 2016 attack on the Philippine army patrol which is celebrated showing the cache of stolen weapons.


The video continues with a change of background, no longer is the viewer in the jungle, but on the beach with a finger pointing vermin who spews dialogue like a ruptured autobot, AK-47 lazily resting on his skeleton like shoulder.


This is n’t the end of the artillery rant, a second and then a third vermin repeats the rat-a-tat-tat dialogue. Finally, and in English, the classical knife pointing “O Obama” Jihadi John-esque rhetoric culminates in the beheading murder of three orange clad men. The beheading is slow as the blunt knives rips through the unfortunates throats, screams all gargled and muffled, in possibly one the cruelest beheading murders to date.












video below


You are not held responsible except for yourself


Video released June 19th, through Al Furat media with a shared dialogue over five different speakers in five different languages. This is much the same as the dialogue going back to ‘Healing of Believers’ chest” and is echoed again, just with different actors.

Abu Jannah Al-Firansi

Abdu-Rahman Al Roussie

Abu Az-Zubair Al Uzbaki

The title refers to Qur’an verse 4:84

So fight, [O Muhammad], in the cause of God ; you are not held responsible except for yourself.


And encourage the believers [to join you] that perhaps God will restrain the [military] might of those who disbelieve. And God is greater in might and stronger in [exemplary] punishment.”

Abu Isma'il Al-amrikiAbu Nussey Al Indunisy







video Below


Instructions to Indonesia

A fifteen minute video released by Azzam Media with Indonesian subtitles. The English subtitles have been added to offer an understanding into the brainwashing of young teenagers into a fighting brigade.

A series of class rooms are shown with camouflaged wearing teens, some quiet young, sitting intently listening to the lecture.

The teens are then paraded through the streets and show off their battle readiness, the final act ends in the teen brigade carrying out a mock over throw of an army base. 

The fact that the video is subtitled in Indonesian may be of some interest as the terror threat in the Asian Pacific has been triggered again by the attack in Jakarta.

The missing facts to these events is the posturing of America in a proxy arm wrestle with China over the disputed South China Sea.

Back in 2011 Indonesia was concerned over the placement of US planes in Darwin, (here) and in 2015 these concerns are still visible. (here) pdf

Also in recent months the Philippines has given America further opportunity to install bases on its lands. (here)

The Asian Pivot has not been received well by some anti – American activists and may remain a flash point for further unrest into the future.

UPDATE – Threat letter hand delivered in Bali (here)



Jakarta Blast


Indonesia, Jakarta. 10:30am local time.

At least seven people have been killed in a series of co-ordinated bomb attacks in central Jakarta. The attack has elements of imitation to other attacks around the world in recent months.

Jakarta - gunman

Below is an image of a cache of weapons found on one of the neutralised militants.


In December the terror alert of impending attack was high, (here). Indonesia has a recent history of terror attacks as seen at Christmas eve 2000 attack which killed 18 people, and the 2002 Bali Bombing.

Further reading and background : “Al-Qaeda’s Second Front: Terrorism in Southeast Asia (here) 2005

Video below of interviews with Indonesian Terror Analysts, Rakyan Adibrata and Member of Parliament Aries Suditomo

Daesh release claiming Jakarta blast, (almost 12 hours later).


Jakarta -