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Vanguards of Redemption – Ain Assad Air Base Fire Fight

Seventeen minute video from Furat media which shows the fire fight attack on the Ain Assad Air Base from 13th February 2017. (CBS News Link)

The image below shown in the video is the moment the VBIED detonates. In another segment an armoured vehicle is destroyed by small arms fire.

There is also a reference to a soldier, (below) who was executed after iy was revealed a family member appeared in a Jordanian training video.

Those Are My Fathers – Recruitment drive with a bullet

The fifteen minute video released through Al Khayr is a recruitment drive with a bullet. In recent times it has been painfully obvious that the fighter numbers are dwindling. In March 2015 video appeared showing what seemed like orphans being trained for fighting, (tangentcode). The extreme intent of “Those are my fathers” far eclipses any previous recruitment propaganda. With Daesh losing huge swarths of territory some estimates put the attrition of fighters as much as a half  and not less than a quarter. (pic below from January 2016)


The “farm or fight” mantra seems to have been lost in the realisation that it’s every able bodied man to the front lines. The storyboard ends with the execution of four men by the “fathers” who have lost their own sons in battle. The death sentences arise from alleged collaboration with coalition forces.


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John Cantlie – Mosul has a problem

John Cantlie pops up in time to detract headline attention away from the SAA’s advances in Aleppo with a sympathy beat down Mosul style.

Throughout the video Cantlie neglects to mention the fact that Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, has been held hostage by Islamic State for just over two years, and that the supply of water to the civilians has been a tactic Daesh used in both controlling and punishing the population. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

The other flaws in Cantlie’s dialogue are propped up with interviews from civilians who theatrically gesticulate explanations of the hardships living in Mosul, whilst pointing out the painful obvious. Aside from the scripted narrative and over emphasising drama verbs Cantlie looks almost ghoul like with translucent skin and bony needle like fingers. The only thing missing in this quaint story board and bad two camera swipes…the Christians.

Before watching the video read this statement from the Archbishop of Mosul.


Daesh Drone Vision VBIED Attack – November 2016

This is an extract from a video titled “Indeed, Victory [Comes] With Patience” via Wilāyat Dijlah which shows a ground forces attack in tandem with a VBIED recorded with a hobby drone. The overwhelming surprise of the attack coupled with the ferocity of the fire fight allows enough leadtime for the VBIED to travel to the target and drawing cover fire for the ground fighters. As far as a propaganda tool this video production editing between the ground and mechanical support gives a sense of control and confidence, and outlines the basic strategy Daesh have used in Iraq over the past two years. This type of video production is designed to back up or bolster morale, to make the fighters feel that they have the backing and support from his trained comrades, and that they all fight for the same thing, it makes the whole operation look easy and that there is no chance anything can go wrong. In another war the now infamous Baghdad Bob’s and his report, “The Americans are on the Moon” is perhaps similar in its intent. 

 From October 2015


Daesh Battle video- al-Mareer Village, South of al-Qayyarah


Battle video showing an assault on a village Nineveh Governorate, Iraq. The devil in the detail points out a silencer of an AK and a pair of handcuffs ready for use on one fighters webbing.



video below

Added – Wa’il Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad Dusted (here)



Making of Illusion – process killing


“The Making of Illusionis another one of the few Islamic State videos that will leave an impression unlike any other. The twelve and a half minute “Wilayat al-Khayr” video is much like previous videos such as “Inspired by Satan” in which the individuals murdered have some suspicion cast on them by their use of the internet. Scenes from other videos make a montage of elements, inserts from Paris and Obama round out the usual Daesh storyboard. The deliberately disturbing abattoir scene catches all the animal gratuity of slaughter, the hyper, silent processing of the victims adds a disturbing soundtrack.



video below

The Glory of Jihād – Wilāyat al-Barakah


The Glory of Jihād – Wilāyat al-Barakah” released at almost the same time as “Rumiyah” (tangentcode) is a battle front production interspersed with historical comparisons with the basic premise that death is Glory. video below

The video contains some interesting details, we see the motorbike riding, finger pointing ranter from a previous release “Raiding the Villages to Spread Guidance (tangentcode). (Which may be inviting a hellfire missile his way)


The quirky images continue through the video as we see a falcon chick sitting quiet comfortably on the shoulder of a fighter as he fires an automatic weapon.


The next is the GoPro adorned, one armed shooter, which may signal the fact that if you can hold a rifle and pull a trigger, you can fight.


The video shows the over running and suicide truck bombing of an electrical station, the defiling of dead bodies, which has become a back and forth insult between the ground fighters, a weapons haul and the arrival back at their outpost followed by an impromptu prayer session. The intent behind this release should not be lost in the recent week as events tear like shrapnel through the media, such as France, (here) and the “car attack”, the Belgian “chainsaw attack”  (here) and further terror arrests in UK, (here).

The instalments of terror continue and  are now entrenched in the psyche of the disaffected and lost individuals looking for some meaning to their existence as it is all too common for a man’s worth to be gauged by the mobile phone he carries. The coincidence of September 11th and Eid al-Adha (here) is something the Daesh fear factory tried to seize upon with their inflammatory rhetoric calling for mayhem across the world. The supreme court in Saudi Arabia  announced (here –AJ) that the Muslim festival of Eid will be on Monday, September 12. 

If a new moon was sighted on September 1, then the first day of Eid al-Adha would have been on  September 11 . But since the moon was not visible, the festival will be celebrated on Monday, September 12.”


The coalition continue to battle against the bandit forces (here) who do not employ a conventional battle strategy.


The opportunity, surprise, loot, then run tactic is hard to win against with air power and long range artillery alone. This is shown in the video as the insurgents wave at the planes as they fire upon areas redundant in battle. The fight and the fighters have long past evacuated, disappearing back into the surrounds, as coalition forces pour millions into ordinance, landscaping the region, like shifting wheel barrows of sand on a beach, it is still the same beach.


UPDATE – Sydney Terror Arrest – Minto (here) 9-Sept 2016

A man has been charged with committing a terrorist attack and attempted murder after a stabbing left a man in a critical condition in Sydney’s south-west.





Life inside the Caliphate – Kirkuk August 2016


Video released from Kirkuk showing life “inside the Caliphate”. The video breaks down into three parts showing a battle scene and weapons looting and the dragging of dead bodies around, the paying of funds and the dispersement of staples such as cooking oils to foreign fighters and finally a session of goat herding.


The video is peppered with long monotonous dialogues spoken aloud by men who look like they need a good nights sleep. The video shows how the flag waving, finger pointing, Quran quotes are just a thin veil over what the Caliphate’s main preoccupation really is, making money….and goats.


Mosul – Qayyarah – Tuzhurmatu – August 2016

Three short clips from Amaq.

1. Electricity Warehouse after a bombing raid, 



 2. Martyrdom mission in Hawasem Village SW of Qayyarah District

Hawasem Village-SW Qayyarah District

3. An attack on Peshmerga in Tuzhurmatu


 Qayyarah is of strategic importance with its airport (wiki) formerly known as “Saddam Airport”.

Qaayyarah Airport


VIED – drone vision of attack

The video below is the last segment in a video entitled, “Deterrence of the Monotheists of the Campaigns of the Apostates – Wilāyat Dijlah” which is a collection of Daesh battle videos ending with a vehicle driving up to a check point and exploding.

The event is recorded by a drone camera which sits at the upper most of its altitude range and slowly pitches away from the growing mushroom cloud to the video end.

video below