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Story of Nafir – Raqqa

Daesh recruitment video from July 2016, now recirculating on upload outlets, directed towards the young disillusioned and mentally unstable young men who are needed to drive IED’s and battle against over whelming odds as part of a skewed religious duty and negatively geared logic.


IS – 18 Syrian Soldiers Mass beheading & Peter Kassig

Islamic State murder video of 18 Syrian soldiers in a brutal and deliberately cruel fashion as the camera stares into the eyes of the condemned. The video production is smooth and a moment is taken to quash any idea that this is a “fake video” as ‘Jihadist John’ looks into the camera mid beheading with a menacing full metal jacket stare.

Kassig - 3

The beheading of Peter Kassig although not shown is eluded to with black humour as his head is seen at the feet of the narrator…one reason for this may be the fact that Kassig was a Ranger and fought to the end.  

Interview with Peter Kassig  January 2013 (here)