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Words Drenched in Blood

“Words drenched in Blood” is a ten minute production from Furat, mostly taken up with a rant about the obligations and duties of Muslims as seen through the teachings of extremist Islam. The English speaking finger pointer sits in his VBIED with a wild glazed stare, as he reads from what seems to be an iPad or a laptop, (in the reflection in his glasses).

This is a video which is desperate in its attempt to remain viable. Daesh now rely on the suicide VBIED and have adjusted their spin to include this new angle. This video narrative is aimed at the mentally unstable and vulnerable, isolated and easily controlled individuals to act out in terror acts.

Supermax prison further radicalising inmates


The face of Australian terrorism has changed dramatically in the past two years. The perpetrators are young, they are radicalised quickly and in New South Wales almost all of them are locked up in Australia’s toughest prison, the Supermax

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Islamic State Cyber Jihad – Fake?

The twitter account of the United States Central Command was allegedly breached under a Cyber Jihad from elements within the Islamic State.(archive) Fake?IS-UScentcom

The ‘hijacked’ account posted a number of images and lists such as retired Generals and US Military personnel. (Which could be quiet easily compiled through public google searches.)

The intruders ‘reign of intrusion’ lasted approximately 40 minutes. Which I thought was quick considering the chain of command and variant protocols such a task would require, but maybe not..

The idea that this is fake has as much validity that it isn’t…in fact the US Central Command have a lot more to gain by a fake Cyber Intrusion. If that seems a bit crazy, then maybe it is..but stranger things have been known to occur.

Update – Obama speech (here & here) 14 Jan 2015



The YouTube channel was also allegedly breached and has since been deleted.(here)


After a weekend which saw the largest public gathering – slash- march in French history, the target is now freshly painted with laser reflector tags, the internet.



Read the infowars dot com article linking the Internet Protocol number back to Maryland, and the presumption that the intrusion was done as a signal or marker prior to President Obama Cyber Security Speech. (here)

A similar dialogue has been heard before back at the G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia from UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who again is calling for even further restraint and control being applied to the internet. (video here)

IS – 18 Syrian Soldiers Mass beheading & Peter Kassig

Islamic State murder video of 18 Syrian soldiers in a brutal and deliberately cruel fashion as the camera stares into the eyes of the condemned. The video production is smooth and a moment is taken to quash any idea that this is a “fake video” as ‘Jihadist John’ looks into the camera mid beheading with a menacing full metal jacket stare.

Kassig - 3

The beheading of Peter Kassig although not shown is eluded to with black humour as his head is seen at the feet of the narrator…one reason for this may be the fact that Kassig was a Ranger and fought to the end.  

Interview with Peter Kassig  January 2013 (here)

John Cantlie – ‘Lend me your ears’- an Introduction

John Cantlie video “Lend me your ears” 18th September 2014

In the haunting video, John Cantlie, a former war photographer and correspondent for The Sunday Times, The Sun and The Sunday Telegraph, speaks to the camera from behind a table in a darkened room,

The shocking clip shows Mr Cantlie saying he was ‘abandoned’ by the British government and describes how, in a series of videos, he will seek to dispel ‘manipulated truths’ told by the Western media.

‘I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ‘he’s only doing this because he’s a prisoner – he’s got a gun at his head and he’s being forced to do this,” he says.

‘Well, I am a prisoner – that I cannot deny – but seeing as I’ve been abandoned by my government and my fate now lies in the hands of the Islamic State, I have nothing to lose.’

‘Over the next few programmes, I am going to show you the truth as the Western media tries to drag the public back to the abyss of another war with the Islamic State,’ he says.

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Picture below taken by John

Fall of 2009 in Kunar Province.

Pic taken by John Cantlie…in the background, the middle ridge line is the exact location of OP Red Wings.