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Australian Man arrested advocating terrorism to kill Jewish People

A South Australian man was arrested in relation to videos he had made in November 2015. The man, his name surpassed by the courts, was at the time of his arrest, in jail in the States high-security Yatala Labour Prison. 

“In each video the defendant is depicted advocating with other persons engaged in acts of terrorism via the defendant providing explicit verbal instructions as well as physical demonstrations with weapons as to how to kill Jewish people,” said Commonwealth prosecutor John Clover.

The man is charged under section 80.2C of the Criminal Code Act 1995, which prohibits advocating the “doing” or “commissioning” of a terrorist act.

Videos advocating harm to Jewish people are not uncommon on internet upload sites. The charges alleged arise from a hotline tip which may have arisen after the videos were seen publicly


The case is listed for a hearing in March when declarations would be filed, a hearing in February is listed when a mental health report will be received.

IS Recruiter – Abu Khaled Al-Cambodi from Australia


Neil Prakash, aka Abu Khaled Al Cambodi, narrates ‘his story’ in a twelve and a half minute video rant in which he describes his conversion from Buddhism to Islam and subsequent move from Melbourne, Australia to the Caliphate as a foreign fighter abandoning the “Land of Shirk”.

Prakash (Fijian and Cambodian descent), is an associate of former Kings Cross bouncer and dead IS recruiter Mohammad Ali Baryalei (video), and has emerged in recent months as a chief IS recruiter. Image below is from DABIQ8.


Mention is made of the men who were recently raided in Operation Rising, (here), and also “dear brother Numan” (here), who was shot and killed by Joint Terrorism Task Force, 23 September 2014.

This should be a signal to others that ‘Abu Khaled Al Cambodi’ and his contacts and network have been compromised. The video release coincides with Australian PM Tony Abbott’s ANZAC Centenary trip to Turkey,(here) in regard to stopping foreign fighters entering through Turkey to conflict zones. 

The propaganda message of the “hijrah”  or emigration to Syria is accompanied with a call  to ‘lone wolves’  to ‘rise up’  and is eerily familiar to the battle cry heard in the last days of Adolf Hitler and the child soldiers of Berlin. 

video below

Blackburn boy, 14, charged over Australia terrorism ‘plot’ April 2nd 2015 here)

More arrests 7th May 2015 (here)

 UPDATE – 5th May 2016 – Prakash dusted by US strike (here)


Bangladesh Arrests – video blowback

Back in August 2014 a video was released on a variety of platforms showing black cladded men pledging allegiance to the Islamic State. The video was promptly removed.

 Now in January 2015, arrests have been made which flowed along after the videos release. 

The four were identified as Shakhawatul Kabir, Anwar Hossain, Rabiul Islam and Nazrul Islam.


They were arrested from Dhaka’s Jatrabarhi and Khilkhet areas. ( Jan 19th article here)

the video from August 2014 below

Man Monis Haron – Digital Epitaph


The last post Man Monis Haron made was on December 14th 2014 on one of his websites – sheikhhharon.com


The website was taken down, (removed, expunged ) from the internet…but the waybackmachine has a number of captures of Man Monis Haron’s digital footprint.

His letter to Tony Abbott is difficult to read and make any sense from, as are most of the posts through the 20 captures in the web archive. video below…


From 2007 up to his last days there is a steady stream of posts and letters to people all through his Local Community and Federal Government. 



In early 2015 the Telecommunication (Interception and Access) Amendment(Data Retention) , laws are set to be passed through Parliament. As David Irvine said at the September Press Club meeting, after raising the terror threat level to high which was  echoed by Scott Morrison the next day, the lone wolf attacks are the most difficult to anticipate.

However in 2015 the Police, State, Federal and Commonwealth Security Agencies will be able to act with an even lower threshold of suspicion, not just a reasonable belief, within the new legislation Foreign Fighters Amendment Bill 2014. Or is it the other way around? The level of evidentiary intent has been diluted to a “shoot from the hip” legislation. Of course months after a person is raided or arrested under the new terror act amendments, or searched with out a warrant it will take months, years to recover from a full force intrusion of Federal Security Agencies into your life. And it will be all done legally with as much force as required to put citizens back in their boxes.

After the way this tragic situation arose, near undetected regardless of the extensive prior criminal background, State and Local Government and even the Muslim Community did n’t have a crystal ball. It is the way the questions regarding the access to a firearm whilst on bail for serious crimes are answered which will steer the outcome (see Operation Hammerhead media release) of this tragedy and will effect all Australians.

It will effect the way legislation is passed through Parliament and could trigger an emotive knee jerk Senate waterfall of laws that should never see the light of day. This is now where Australia finds itself, in the post G20 haze, balancing between the 1033 Military Surplus ‘Strike first’ Police, or an inclusive community policing and public interest. 

This will be remembered as another lost innocence, another time Australians realised that the rest of the world’s troubles are here with us now.


Further to this has been the following news links  in regard to “Iran says it requested 14 years ago the extradition of Man Haron Monis – the gunman behind the Sydney siege – but Australia refused to hand him over.”


As part of the inquiry into the Lindt Cafe siege in July 2016


Sydney Hostage Siege – hostage videos

December 15th 2014 approximately 10:00am a man entered a Lindt chocolate / coffee shop and entered into a siege situation taking hostages, some of whom were later released.


The man has been identified as Man Haron Monis who was charged for sending “hate letters” to families of deceased Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2009. He is also facing 40 sexual assault charges and as an accessory before and after the fact in his wife’s death who was stabbed and set alight.


Man Monis’ website has just been suspended,…(here)


By about 2:15am it was all over.



1st June 2016 Inquiry