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And You Will Be Superior – Wilayat Ninawa

Thirty five minute video from Ninawa “And You Will Be Superior” (Qur’anic verses 3:129 and 47:35), which documents the VBIED and sniper attacks in Mosul. The video starts with the attack on Iraqi forces from December 2016, (tangentcode) and proceeds through street fire fights between the Iraqi soldiers and Daesh. (video below)

Previous video from Mosul from August 2016 shows some of the same hospital personal. (tangentcode)

Drone video documents the suicide bombers driving up to their targets along with some intriguing video of helicopters passing by and at one point a coalition drone. *The explosions which are shown also provide an insight into the types of explosives Daesh are using.

The video includes sniper vision and demonstrates how injured fighters are used to man the VBIED’s with the familiar mantra “no excused” which was seen in Mosul in March 2015 (tangentcode), who can, will fight.

The video also shows a segment of Iraqi video showing men smoking cigarettes, something which was forbidden under Daesh administration.

Other interesting details are the “FILA” footwear one driver wears, which are identical to the “FILA” footwear worn by foreign fighters in Syria seen laying explosives at the Hayyan Gas Plant, February 2017. 

One of the Drones launching.

Spot the take off area, then estimate the distance to the smoke on the horizon, this then provides an estimate of the range in which Daesh are currently capable of operating within. 


The Procession of Light


The Procession of Light“, a forty one minute video from Ninawa, Iraq cataloging suicide VBIED attacks that have plagued the region in recent months.


Daesh have prepared for counter offensives and as their grip on Mosul slowly erodes, their adaptability to take the fight to another area, to gather ammunition or weapons is shown in this video. Small lightly armed mobile groups with a suicide VBIED leading the assault with ‘drone follow vision’ of the explosion. It seems an expensive effort as personal are concerned, and in some cases the damage is often minimal. The tactic of sending in the exploding vehicle shocks the target long enough for the ground assault to unfold. This  technique of overwhelm, capture and loot is used in a number of routines and variations throughout the video. One well used method is to approach with RPG followed by heavy calibre machine-gun fire, or small truck mounted canons and  relentlessly fire on the post for hours until there is no return fire. The Coalition have in recent weeks destroyed Daesh ability of manufacturing VBIED, as can be seen some vehicles are ‘nailed’ together, while others are quiet professional.

July 2015

cAPtured Drones(The time frame of the fire fight can be gauged by checking the shadows through the video.)                                                                          



The video ends with the beheading of one man followed with a man drowned in a clear tank.


video below



Iraq – twin bomb blasts – Jan 2017


 Twin attacks hit al-Sinak, a busy market selling car accessories, food and clothes as well as agricultural seeds and machinery. Minutes after the first suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden belt, a second struck as a crowd  gathered at a football event. Dozens have been killed and injured in this early new year as the city is besieged by new year terror attacks as the Mosul offensive grinds on.

Further to this post – Islamic State Documents which were taken from from a “refugee who is originally from the Tel Afar area and had resided in Mosul, dated 21st October 2016

















John Cantlie – Mosul has a problem

John Cantlie pops up in time to detract headline attention away from the SAA’s advances in Aleppo with a sympathy beat down Mosul style.

Throughout the video Cantlie neglects to mention the fact that Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, has been held hostage by Islamic State for just over two years, and that the supply of water to the civilians has been a tactic Daesh used in both controlling and punishing the population. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

The other flaws in Cantlie’s dialogue are propped up with interviews from civilians who theatrically gesticulate explanations of the hardships living in Mosul, whilst pointing out the painful obvious. Aside from the scripted narrative and over emphasising drama verbs Cantlie looks almost ghoul like with translucent skin and bony needle like fingers. The only thing missing in this quaint story board and bad two camera swipes…the Christians.

Before watching the video read this statement from the Archbishop of Mosul.


Rumiyah – Australian Threat



Rumiyah (Rome) first publication (36°21′N 43°9′E) has caused a stir with its four page rant urging “lone wolf” attacks in Australia.


The response from the Victorian Chief Police Commissioner was cool and firm.

This type of reaction through publications is not a new event. This comes with the news of Sevdet Besim being sent down for 10 years (here) after planning a terror attack in April 2015 (OpRising). The other element is the dusting of Ezzit Raad in Manbij in August. (here) As Daesh forfeit geography on the battleground Rumiyah can be seen as a gasp for doctrine action.

Ezzit Raad

Ezzit Raad was arrested as a result of Operation Pendennis in 2008 and slipped through border control making it to Syria. He had also appeared in Daesh videos along with the now dusted Reyaad Khan from Wales in 2014.


Video released as a tribute.”They envied the boy did not get as quest

The publication itself is a copy of other such zines released in early September.


Some of the images used with the intent to deliberately evoke outrage such as the targeting of the elderly and innocents.


Martydom of the Mujahid Shaykh





The second last paragraph of page 17 (above), is what all the upset is about…Therefore, O lions of the Umma, and those living in Australia..

 Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews played directly into the agitation by appearing at a press conference with a wild stare, which does nothing but achieve the goal set about by the publication. Leave it to professional Mr Andrews.


Australian Prime Minister appeared live from Vientiane, Laos to settle things down and reassure citizens in regard to matters of national security.

The Threat Level remains at “Probable”


Mosul – Qayyarah – Tuzhurmatu – August 2016

Three short clips from Amaq.

1. Electricity Warehouse after a bombing raid, 



 2. Martyrdom mission in Hawasem Village SW of Qayyarah District

Hawasem Village-SW Qayyarah District

3. An attack on Peshmerga in Tuzhurmatu


 Qayyarah is of strategic importance with its airport (wiki) formerly known as “Saddam Airport”.

Qaayyarah Airport


Mosul Hospital – August 2016

Video released through Amaq showing Mosul hospital. The video is as short as its intended message and basically shows a basic pharmacy, dialysis patients and a few Atom Incubators.


The lack of goons standing around with guns does n’t mean they are not  there, just out of shot for this video. Of course, trying to verify this video being made in Mosul in August 2016 is something of a magic trick, the video could have been made anytime in the recent past. It may be more pertinent that Amaq have either just received this video or it is ‘stop gap content’ as other field contacts have been neutralised or disrupted.

Cantlie in Mosul 2015 (tangentcode)

Cantlie guide to exploded Mosul


John Cantle reappears on the internet through Amaq media reporting on the coalition bombing of Mosul and the money exchange in Raqqah. Aside from the obvious changes to Cantlie, and the missing orange prisoner garb, the dialogue revolves around the efforts of the Coalition forces to disrupt the Islamic State. With the same dramatic pathos of raising his arms summoning a drone attack in earlier releases (tangentcode), Cantlie takes the viewer on a guided tour of  the bombing sites refering in the video to the April 2016 bombing of Mosul University which was targeted as part of action against a bomb making factory and the administrative controllers.


The bombing of the money changing offices in Raqqa was not just an indiscriminate bombing of a shopping centre, as Cantle describes it, the money exchange and forwarding services play a vital part in the day to day operations of Daesh, who are all about the money.


The site which Cantle stands in front of, drone camera buzzing, is the same site Daesh have used for public executions and other war crimes.


The reality of life in Raqqa can be seen in the last frames of the video, the drone turns and the viewer can see the armed, masked thugs who stands guard as Cantlie records. (The same armed thug that guard the executions and make the people attend.) 




Mosul is Waiting

Australian Broadcasting release from reporter Andrew Greene which shows the Iraqi ‘special forces’ who march with the cadence “Mosul is Waiting”.

Trained by Australian and New Zealand forces, these men will be the first wave of attack on the city of Mosul.MosulIsWaiting

Updated 31 March 2016

Images from Operation Inherent Resolve showing the strip against Mosul University 19th March 2016, which Daesh have utilised as a bomb factory (here WSJ) and (here Fox link)

Mosul - 2


Mosul-Bomb Factory




Peshmerga beheading – IS Reply to Bombings


The video uploaded on 19th March 2015 from Takfiri militants titled, ” Mandate of Nineveh // invisible version || defiant response to the bombing of tyrants”  starts with a scene at a hospital, patients are seen being treated and a few are even interviewed. 

The site of the explosion is shown and the resultant damage and this is where the video takes a one hundred and eighty degree turn and morphs into a beheading.

Men in orange coveralls are paraded with hands tied,  as slides appear with their details, The video narrator berates the viewer as the camera pans across the faces of the men identified as Peshmerga fighters, Rezkar Mohammad Saleh, Pishtiwan Osman Rasul, and Hisham Nabil Khorshid.


“We warned you before that for every rocket you fire on those under the care of the Islamic State, you will kill one of your prisoners with your own hands.” 


video below