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The Procession of Light


The Procession of Light“, a forty one minute video from Ninawa, Iraq cataloging suicide VBIED attacks that have plagued the region in recent months.


Daesh have prepared for counter offensives and as their grip on Mosul slowly erodes, their adaptability to take the fight to another area, to gather ammunition or weapons is shown in this video. Small lightly armed mobile groups with a suicide VBIED leading the assault with ‘drone follow vision’ of the explosion. It seems an expensive effort as personal are concerned, and in some cases the damage is often minimal. The tactic of sending in the exploding vehicle shocks the target long enough for the ground assault to unfold. This  technique of overwhelm, capture and loot is used in a number of routines and variations throughout the video. One well used method is to approach with RPG followed by heavy calibre machine-gun fire, or small truck mounted canons and  relentlessly fire on the post for hours until there is no return fire. The Coalition have in recent weeks destroyed Daesh ability of manufacturing VBIED, as can be seen some vehicles are ‘nailed’ together, while others are quiet professional.

July 2015

cAPtured Drones(The time frame of the fire fight can be gauged by checking the shadows through the video.)                                                                          



The video ends with the beheading of one man followed with a man drowned in a clear tank.


video below



Your Silence is Killing You & Their Allegiance and Our Terrorism


Two videos both in French, one from Ninawa,”Their Alliance and Our Terrorism


and the secondYour Silence Kills Youfrom Wilayah Al-Furat. This video refers to “Kill them Where ever You Find Them“. (tangentcode)


Both videos use the same images of the Nice attack, and the German train event, one has an execution and the other has a knife pointing rant. The basic premise here is that the coalition bombing resulting in civilian deaths is balanced by the revenge attacks.


Collaborators Extinguished – Ninawa October 2015

Video release from Islamic State Ninawa Media, which graphically details the execution of collaborators. The video takes place with men seated as a large projection of the “Death by RPG” video plays, as they recount their activities in a type of confession.

Packages of American currency are shown in one case and in another, a man is shown digging up a stash of items such as flags and other military items.

The execution is graphic and agricultural in its methodology.