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Raqqah – April 2017

Twenty two minute video, with Indonesian subtitles, showing POV fighting, some drone bombings, and a number of  fire fights sewn together with the obligatory beheading scene and the overly emotional rant. The details in the video are what make this production interesting. 

Note the battle patches..

And from July 2016 this comparison graphic and the battle patch significance


Raqqah Indoctrination


The sixteen minute long video is much of the same type of vision produced from over a year ago. The fair ground, the Ferris wheel, the drone shots and the laughing children have lost some of their sparkle. The children seem dull and unkempt. This is n’t the only sub-detail the viewer can spot. The scenes in the Mosque, men with walking sticks and crutches, bandaged lower limbs, all point to a population which has seen recent unrest. The title of the video “God and grow up on Mahdakm” which refers to the ‘redeemer of Islam‘ (wiki) follows a teenage boy who has won a competition in physical agility, to go about delivering ‘gifts’ to injured foreign fighters. An interesting moment appears as we visit a group of injured foreign fighters, one in particular who seems very aware of the camera, has also appeared in the January 2016, “Instructions To Indonesia” (tangent code).


The video shows in graphic detail, as it has on a serial basis, the indoctrination of the people has been thorough. 

video below


Demolishing the Idols – or collecting recyclables?

Destruction of a cemetery, or is it? This video shows the destruction of graves and headstones. The sledgehammers are swung about in an almost half hearted attempt, the damage to the graves is hard work and what it is intended to symbolise seems lost in translation. Ugly black clad men read off scripts in some vein attempt to show that what they are doing is right. This video is about the collection of building materials. A truck can be seen with reinforced steel neatly piled onto it. 

The notion that this is a deliberate strike against a religious group is just part of the event…this is just a group of thugs collecting recyclables and doing so in a place that would offer the least resistance…a cemetery.

ISIL used the Armenian Catholic Church of the Martyrs as their HQ. No doubt hiding from drone attacks behind the historical value of the building, it was then taken over by ISIS in May 2013.

They are the new dictators, just like Bashar al-Assad, but dressed in black. Only the colour has changed.” (here)




video below


The Mysterious Fall of Raqqa, Syria’s Kandahar. November 8th, 2013 (here)

IS – 18 Syrian Soldiers Mass beheading & Peter Kassig

Islamic State murder video of 18 Syrian soldiers in a brutal and deliberately cruel fashion as the camera stares into the eyes of the condemned. The video production is smooth and a moment is taken to quash any idea that this is a “fake video” as ‘Jihadist John’ looks into the camera mid beheading with a menacing full metal jacket stare.

Kassig - 3

The beheading of Peter Kassig although not shown is eluded to with black humour as his head is seen at the feet of the narrator…one reason for this may be the fact that Kassig was a Ranger and fought to the end.  

Interview with Peter Kassig  January 2013 (here)