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Raqqah’s Orphan Fighters

Twenty minute video showing the training of child orphan soldiers. This type of video has been well documented over the last two years, (tangentcode + tangentcode). The children are shown training with live fire and in one night muster, shown getting out of bed, putting on their webbing and standing in parade formations before marching into the night. One poignant moment in the video is when one of the children describes the loss of his family from the result of bombings, blubbering with tears standing in the house ruins is a pathetic moment endured only for propaganda purposes, and finally extorted during the execution scene.


In another section of the video the children can be seen watching the grotesque, “Makers of Illusion” (tangentcode) the camera catching their remoteness at the details of the slaughter scene.


In some attempt to balance this content the children are last seen praying in earnest in a juxtaposition to what they are training for which becomes apparent as the final exercise unfolds.








Cantlie guide to exploded Mosul


John Cantle reappears on the internet through Amaq media reporting on the coalition bombing of Mosul and the money exchange in Raqqah. Aside from the obvious changes to Cantlie, and the missing orange prisoner garb, the dialogue revolves around the efforts of the Coalition forces to disrupt the Islamic State. With the same dramatic pathos of raising his arms summoning a drone attack in earlier releases (tangentcode), Cantlie takes the viewer on a guided tour of  the bombing sites refering in the video to the April 2016 bombing of Mosul University which was targeted as part of action against a bomb making factory and the administrative controllers.


The bombing of the money changing offices in Raqqa was not just an indiscriminate bombing of a shopping centre, as Cantle describes it, the money exchange and forwarding services play a vital part in the day to day operations of Daesh, who are all about the money.


The site which Cantle stands in front of, drone camera buzzing, is the same site Daesh have used for public executions and other war crimes.


The reality of life in Raqqa can be seen in the last frames of the video, the drone turns and the viewer can see the armed, masked thugs who stands guard as Cantlie records. (The same armed thug that guard the executions and make the people attend.) 




Australian Doctor Recruiting Call from Ar-Raqqah – ISHS

Mandate of the tenderness of medical services in the Islamic Caliphate is a “call for help” from the Doctors of the ISHS, or Islamic State Health Service in Ar-Raqqah. The release includes two English speaking doctors, one identified as Australian, Dr Tareq Kamleh,

Dr Kamleh started as a paediatric registrar at the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital in February 2011, where he worked until the end of his contract in January 2013 he then transferred to Mackay Base Hospital in Queensland. His medical registration lists Subiaco, Perth as his principle place of practice where he worked up until late 2014.

twoDocRaqqa-24-Apr-15The fifteen minute video starts with a dramatic ambulance entrance screeching to a halt and the running of the injured via trolley in a sprint through corridors to awaiting surgery team.

The storyboard transitions through different elements of the triage, accompanied with interviews from the doctors or specialist. The video below shows excerpts of the two English language interviews, one           from Paediatrics, which is narrated by Dr Tareq Kamleh, who explains “I saw this as part of my jihad for Islam”. The second interview from the Physiology Department specialist who explains how the hospital department has four hundred patients per week, where it once had thirty, and that any one who wishes to help, either qualified or even semi qualified, is desperately needed.

Dr Kamleh can also be noted as a witness in a 2012 case. (here point 13)

video excerpt below


UPDATE – 10 May 2015


Dr Kamleh sent a letter to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, who are investigating whether or not to deregister the Perth-born doctor, who is still technically allowed to practice medicine in Australia.(here)