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Raqqah – April 2017

Twenty two minute video, with Indonesian subtitles, showing POV fighting, some drone bombings, and a number of  fire fights sewn together with the obligatory beheading scene and the overly emotional rant. The details in the video are what make this production interesting. 

Note the battle patches..

And from July 2016 this comparison graphic and the battle patch significance


Turkish Soldiers Burnt Alive

The nineteen minute video from Halab has a clear message to Erdogan, the Turkish President. Starting with the fire fight in Al-Bab which proceeds the final event, the immolation of two Turkish Soldiers. The video details the attack showing the ATGM strikes against Leopard-2A4 MBT’s, 21st December in which sixteen Turkish soldiers were killed and thirty one injured. The video includes the now ubiquitous drone vision, as suicide bombers drive VBIED’s into the post, followed with ground vision of the aftermath from the counter strikes in retaliation from EuphratesShield. (10th Dec-tribune.com)

The dialogue spoken in Turkish, and delivered Daesh rant style, berating the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and calling for “destruction to be sown” in Turkey. 



One of the men is believed to be Sefer Taş, who was abducted November 2015. 

ts-77 ts-44







Turkey soon after the video release blocked the following social media platforms.


UPDATE – Turkey authorities have arrested thirty one people. (tribune.com)

UPDATE : Rumiyah 5 January 2017







Harbinger of the Deaths – Wilayat Dimashq


Sixteen minute video released through Dimashq, “Harbinger of the Deaths”  on or about the 9th December 2016. This video release coincides with terrorist bombing in Egypt, Yemen, Istanbul, and Baghdad. Connected or not these releases condense fear and confusion giving birth to lingering fears in the citizens everyday lives. The death machine has also released killing instructions through Rumiyah 4 rumiyah4in concord with this release which ends in the execution of five captured Syrian “rebels” who are dropped off to the waiting black clad executioners in hessian sacks. The death blows are gratuitous with anatomical details in high definition. The fire fights which precedes this final atrocity are heightened with the use of ‘night-vision’ camera vision, sparks and tracers illuminating the pitch black creating a science fiction like backdrop.




video below

harbingers00One image of notice is the young teen operating mortars in an artillery attack on a Russian Field hospital December 6th, 2016 (here)

“two female army medics, Nadezhda Durachenko and Galina Mikhailova, were killed and a third medic, Vadim Arsentyev, was seriously wounded.”russianfieldhosp-attack

Finally an image from al Nabaac 84



Sydney Terror Arrests – November 2016

Sydney, Australia. Police have arrested two men, one a seventeen year old who attempted to travel to Syria to fight for Islamic State in January 2015 and the other a 24 years old, Mehmet Biber (below) for travelling to a conflict zone to fight with Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra in July 2013. Both have links to other men who are part of investigations under counter terror police.


Mehmet Biber was refused bail and is due to appear again, via video link, on December 15 2016.

The 17-year old faced foreign incursion charges at the Parramatta Children’s Court today where bail was also refused. The matter was adjourned until a date in December, when the boy is due to appear via video link. 

FSA torture Alawite man into unconsciousness

Video released showing a detail of FSA soldiers beating a Syrian Alawite conscript unconscious. The video is choreographed in such a way to not show the faces of the FSA thugs, but in their fervour a few frames allow these vermin to be seen.

Videos like this are not entirely uncommon however this one comes at a time when UK dandies jig about in the UN calling out Russia and Syria for acts of “barbarism” (BBCwhen the UK fund (over£2 billion) groups, either directly or indirectly, such as the ones seen beheading a teenager (tangentcode), and now beating a defenceless individual into unconsciousness. 


Turkish Backed Rebels Leaked Video – September 2016

Leaked video showing either Sham Legion or Nour al-Din al-Zenki making a video with a cell phone ‘roughing’ up a teenager in what may be a forced confession prior to execution.


The subtitles in the video below are generated by YouTube “auto-translator” which is not 100% accurate, it does offer a foundation for ideas of what the dialogue contains. (archive.org)

video below




South of Manbij – VBIED

Video released through Amaq showing the detonation of VBIED in the village of Maqta Hajar Saghir, south of Manbij directed at YPG fighters. By counting the seconds between the visible explosion and the when the blast sound is heard, the distance from the explosion (where camera is) can be calculated at about 2.1 kilometres. Sound travels at 344 metres per second or 1129 ft/ sec.

Child Beheading July 2016

Abdullah Issa

Just when you think beheading videos had reached the limit of hell on earth, a child beheading video appears which adds one more tier of human evil.

The video starts with a group of men standing around a tray truck with a teenager in amongst them. The teen, who has been named via Social Media as Abdullah Issa, seems disorientated and drowsy. One of the men lightly slaps his face, in an attempt to keep the teen from fainting. This may also have something to do with the intravenous drip which is seen in the teens arm, a bag can also be seen bandaged around his waist. The men from Turkish-backed ‘Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement’, claimed the teen was a fighter from Liwa al-Quds (aka The Jerusalem Brigade), a Palestinian pro – Government militia operations in the Aleppo area, who was captured, or more likely “dragged out of a hospital bed”, in Handarat by members of a local rebel group. Liwaa Al Quds have been driven out of their homes in the Handarat Camp once Islamist militants took over the neighborhood. Today, the group is fighting alongside the Syrian Army to retake the Camp

The video appeared after violent clashes between pro-government forces and rebels in the vicinity of Handarat on Tuesday, 18 July 2016.


Assad Interview July 2016

The video below contains the SBS Australia Interview with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad which aired on Australian Television channel SBS,  July 1st, 2016.

This video contains the preface to the interview which goes someway to explain the Syrian crisis through a series of time line events with snappy transitions and media icon imagery. Assad at one point seems exasperated by the flux of the interviewers questions as he explains a number of issues which are ignored by mainstream media such as the fact that sixty countries in a coalition failed to stop ISIS, but within weeks of Russian support they were ‘on the run’ and struggling. Assad also points out one issue that the “coalition” has misunderstood, the real issue in regard the Daesh in Raqqa, is not the territory they “occupy”, rather it is the indoctrination of local population and the remnants of the ideology once Daesh have been removed, much like a time delayed fuse.

For a full transcript (here) video below

They Are the Enemy so Beware of Them



Eight minute video released from Wilayat ar-Raqqah Media showing the execution deaths of “coalition crusaders” double agents. The video could alternatively be titled “Atomising the brave, who stand up against the madness”. 

The video is subtitled in English, the same dialogue used in other such videos with captured “ground spoilers” explaining the process of being recruited, trained, payed, given cameras and GPS devices to transmit car number plates and internet cafe surveillance in an attempt to match leadership faces with cars, for UAV targets. 

The men explain that the Islamic State Security Police knew they were infiltrators from their own insiders and moles within the Coalition Forces Command. 

To rub salt into the digital wound a small child is then paraded holding a detonation device calling out the ubiquitous “Allahu Akbar“, something which has become a brand chant of Daesh hijacking.